Quilting Woes…a few tears over my pinwheels

Stupid Pinwheels…

Well, me thinks I made a mistake in the way I’m quilting the Pinwheels. It’s not horrible, but not good, either. Big sigh.

The Singer 301 is an awesome machine, but it’s not what I should be using for FMQ. I can do a nice wavy curve, which is what I should have stuck to and not tried to do tighter curves. It was actually going fine until I tried to tighten the curves. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK! And it doesn’t help that I don’t have a big enough space to spread out.

So…am going to try to take a deep breath and muddle on. Just keep reminding myself that it won’t look awful once it’s washed and dried….I don’t wash my material before hand, I like the old “pucker” look to the quilts after the wash/dry cycle.

UPDATE: 2 Feb 2011 – You all can check out the comment section for the reasons…but I’m packing this one up and not even going to bind it. Moving onto the next quilt. Lessons learnt: 1. I can’t FMQ on a Singer 301 (maybe some can, but I can’t!). 2. 100% spray basting did not work for me. I think I will use it again, but also use safety pins about every 12″ or so. 3. Stop while you are ahead and stop making it worse! 🙂 4. Ya’ll are invited over for some tequila…I can make it into a margarita if you so choose! 😀

16 thoughts on “Quilting Woes…a few tears over my pinwheels

  1. Yours looks good. Better than what I’ve tried.

    At least you can make “curves”. Every time I try FMQ, I get these gawd awful points.

  2. I feel your frustration. I put all this effort into tidy piecing then smoothing out the layers and then the thing puckers and tucks at the quilting stage. Grrr. Just wondering, do you think the spray basting was a contributing factor?

    I’m sure it will be OK in the end.

    • Okay! Revising my answer! I’d say Yes, the spray basting did have a partial role in all the puckering. Mostly me and my ‘newness’ of FMQing, but I did notice the basting ‘puffed’ up in a lot of placess. I think I definitely will use the spray basting to sandwich my quilts again, only I will use safety pins in strategic places too!

      • That’s really interesting and goes to why I feel its really valuable to post on our blogs not just the perfect finished quilts but the process we followed and the learnings along the way. I’m sure you’ve also seen the process pledge crafters here in blog land. Love that concept.

        Will keep in mind the importance of strategic safety pins 🙂

      • The first night I quilted (pre post), it definitely was user error. But the second night I noticed that it wasn’t all me…LOL! I truly will use the spray basting to set the quilt up…once the quilt is stabilized, I’ll put the curved safety pins about every 12″. I think that should work well. And…will never use the Singer 301 for FMQ! 🙂

    • I don’t think I’m even going to bind it…maybe some day down the road I’ll be really really really bored and pick out the quilting and stitch in the ditch. It’s a lesson well learnt.

      • I saw your update. 😦

        How much of it had you FMQ’d?

        Want me to help pick out the stitches? I am really good at it. 😀

  3. Don’t give up, please!! The pinwheels are lovely.

    If you do give up I might have to give up on my modified Dolly Madison Star quilt which I’m still painfully hand quilting. It’s looking pretty puffy and has a horrible little pleat (fortunately on the backing, but still…) but I’m determined it WILL be finished. Then I’m going to see how much magic can be achieved in the washing machine.

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