Pinwheel Quilting Update

I have a feeling from some of the comments in the previous post that they didn’t believe me how bad of a job I did on FMQ with the Singer 301. It’s bad…LOL! Puckered. Pleated. Umm….just out right bad.

The whole top is quilted so…it would take a quilting bee just to help me take the stitching out. 🙂 So for now, it’s going to be put up until I can face it again.

UPDATE: 2 Feb 2011 – You all can check out the comment section for the reasons…but I’m packing this one up and not even going to bind it. Moving onto the next quilt. Lessons learnt: 1. I can’t FMQ on a Singer 301 (maybe some can, but I can’t!). 2. 100% spray basting did not work for me. I think I will use it again, but also use safety pins about every 12″ or so. 3. Stop while you are ahead and stop making it worse! 4. Ya’ll are invited over for some tequila…I can make it into a margarita if you so choose!

I do think the backside looks pretty good though!