It’s Friday…I’m Sick

Truly…I’m sick, not just because of my pinwheel quilt, no…with a very sore throat, snot in the nose, snot running down my throat, ear ache, and a cough in my chest. 😦

Before bed last night I pulled out my ‘Orange’ (Cluck.Cluck.Sew’s pattern) quilt pieces and started in on piecing the blocks.

It makes me happy working with orange…mainly because I was thinking that in two more months it will be OPENING DAY for the San Francisco Giants!

Didn’t sleep all that well, starting to be sick and all. Was up at 1:35 am with a coughing fit so I went into the other room and took down the pinwheel quilt.

It’s actually not as hard as I thought it would be…seems the tension was a tad off! LOL! The bobbin thread was just laying there on the backside.

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday…I’m Sick

  1. So, you have a frog in your throat and are now frog-sewing (rippit rippit!). Get rid of that bug soon! Maybe the pretty oranges will suggest sunshine and Vitamin C and make you better. 🙂

  2. RW, I’ve found out something. The backing must be stretched tight to prevent wrinkles in it when you spray baste the other layers to it.

    I was just working on mine and the back was wrinkled because it was not taut.

    The next one I do, I may nail the backing to a wall, then spray baste each layer to it.

  3. I hope you feel better! I can’t wait until summer days when winter colds are a thing of the past!

    I’ve been getting very antsy to start a quilt again… Maybe that postage stamp one I’ve been talking about… Have you ever pieced a quilt by hand? Is that a stupid undertaking for one who gets easily distracted? 🙂

    • Sorry if you heard me laugh all the way over here in Nevada…you are just too cute.

      I’ve pieced some 1″ hexagons by hand, but never a whole quilt. I think a postage stamp quilt, while a large undertaking, would actually be a good one to piece by hand…just a bunch of straight stitches!

      Thank you for the well wishes…hopefully I’ll kick this soon and get back to work tomorrow.

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