Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ circa 1930’s

I walk into Tanner’s Fleamarket and Antiques yesterday and fondled a full-size 1930’ish Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt that had a $100 tag on it. So I petted it some more and got a business card from the vendor…who happened to be from Virginia City…local for me. 🙂 I thought maybe by the time St. Patrick’s Day/Nut Fest rolled around I could stash enough money away and give him a call.

Fast forward to this morning. I text my friend Aprl.

Me: If you had a chance to buy a 1930’s GFG quilt, really nice shape, really nice size for $80-$100. Would you jump?

April: Seriously, yes.

Soooo…I hop into the truck, drive to the Livestock Event Center, make a beeline to the vendor. The quilt is still there! I pick it up…hug it…and ask if he’d take $80. She’s beautiful, no?! She’s hand pieced and hand quilted.

7 thoughts on “Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt ~ circa 1930’s

  1. That quilt gets more beautiful with every picture I see! SO glad it was still there when you went back.

    I know cats are professional quilt inspectors by nature, but is Leo taste-testing it too?

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