Pinwheel Quilt Resurrected

Remember my quilting woes over this stupid PINWHEEL QUILT? A free-motion quilting project gone awry? And that I ripped out the WHOLE quilting that I did on it? Then folded it up and hid it?


I quilted it yesterday…diagonally. Attached the binding. It’s ready for me to do some hand stitching. Hopefully after I wash it, I won’t be able to see the first quilting needle holes.

7 thoughts on “Pinwheel Quilt Resurrected

  1. I love it!! A lot of work!!

    The backing is so pretty. Goes great with the quilt top.

    I see Lucy is loving it too. She is studying how you made it so next time she can help. 😀

  2. Turned out so wonderfully!! The trim with that floral backing… beautiful!! How nice… Lucy guards your tools. My kitties just steal mine LOL!

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