I’m tired of the snow…or maybe I’m just tired

I’m thinking this damn weather pattern we’ve been having here in NW Nevada is our punishment for having a 60F January. Snow & rain through Saturday…

I’ve been sporting a horrendous headache from the base of my skull that wraps up over to my eyes then shoots straight into my sinus. Nothing I take will touch it. Big sigh.

So I’m a grumpy arse. Pissy. Tired.

I’ve only finished two more of the Hobo blocks since I posted last. 😦

The top is ‘Camp Here’ and the bottom one is ‘Bad Drinking Water’…and the ‘Bad Drinking Water’ pretty much sums up what I’ve looked and felt like for the last three days! A mean, growling cyclops!

Oh! When the author says 1-7/8″ triangle? She doesn’t mean cut out 12 1-7/8″ triangles…you cut out 1-7/8″ squares in which you cut in half! Another big sigh. I had the half triangle squares all sewn up and looked at them thinking there is no way in hell I did that right. Had to cut them down to 1.5″ squares.

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