A quilt for Evan Henry

We have a new baby in my extended family…Evan Henry (my brother-in-law’s sister’s baby boy).

I finished the half square triangle quilt top…added two batik borders, one (the biggest) is a beauty…Paradise Barbados and the smaller one (also the binding) Tonga royal iron scrollwork. It’s backed by a pretty fuzzy flannel ~ Ice Garden by Maywood Studios.

It’s 44″x52″…so it’ll last him a very long time.

(changing photos! Mom came back with it all washed…outside shot much better)

8 thoughts on “A quilt for Evan Henry

  1. Wow. Gorgeous. Seriously! You did a fabulous job on the quilting, and those batik borders set it off perfectly!

    That will last him well beyond babyhood for sure!

    *bowing to Master*

  2. Bowing to Lucy, eh? Cuz I’m sure no master! 😛

    It did turn out cute though, eh?!

    It’s in mom’s hands right now getting ready for a wash and tumble…soon she will be at her new home.

  3. Love it. I’ve got to go a half square triangles quilt. It’s on the list, but I must avoid having another quilt on the go until I get my current ones finished.

    I injured my shoulder working in the garden last weekend, so for the moment all I can do is think about sewing.

    • This quilted up fast…mainly because I already had the extra hst all made up from my other quilt. I love how you can make so many designs with them. I still have enough of them left over to do a zig-zag! 🙂

      Big sigh…I’d LOVE to injure my shoulder if I could work in the garden. I’m at a place with no room for one, other than containers, and by the time July rolls around (end of lease) it’ll be too late to plant.

      Hope you mend soon and get back to all those unfinished projects!

  4. I think I’ll just give up quilting….you do such beautiful work. And considering that you added the borders, the backing and the quilting all in one afternoon and evening (although quite late) it turned out fantastic. Love Mom

  5. Quilt delivered to Evan and Mom. A big hit, even Daddy Rob loved it. Pam had it wrapped around her and Evan as he was nursing and Pam was petting the quilt just like you do. That’s love.

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