Hobo Quilt Update ~ 21 Blocks Finished

21 6.5″ blocks out of 60 finished!

Top Row (left to right):
-Anything Goes
-Camp Here
-Catch Out Here
-Road Spoiled-Full Of Hobos

Second Row (left to right):
-Bad Dog
-Dangerous Neighborhood
-Here Is The Place
-Talk Religion, Get Food
-Fake Illness

Third Row (left to right):
-Bad Drinking Water
-Doctor, No Charge
-Housewife Feeds For Chores
-Unsafe Area

Fourth Row (left to right):
-Bad Tempered Owner
-Officer Lives Here
-Well Guarded House

Fifth Row (left to right):
-Be Afraid
-Easy Mark
-Cops Active

3 thoughts on “Hobo Quilt Update ~ 21 Blocks Finished

  1. The names on some of those blocks just tickle me!

    Love those blocks and contrasting fabrics look together. Very nice!!

  2. There’s something about this quilt with the names of the designs that absolutely fascinates me! Your fabric choices are fabulous for each block. Can’t wait to see it finished!

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