Aubrey & Nissa ~ a garden angel and her bird

My very good friend, April, is a bad influence on me. bad. bad. bad. Are you listening, April? bad! hee!  😛

She showed me a book on Amazon, Scandinavian Stitches, by Kajsa Wikman. Of course I had to get myself a copy.

Once I started flipping through it, a light went off in my head regarding what I can make for the next craft challenge in a group I’m in. March’s challenge was to use recycled materials.

I gathered up an old pillowcase, a table runner, cutter quilt, wee branch/sticks that fell out of our next door neighbor’s elm tree during a wind storm (lots of those lately), some wire I saw next to the out door trash can, and some needles/thread/glue.

Meet Aubrey and Nissa!

I made Aubrey out of the pillowcase, her wings are from the table runner. Her legs and arms are scrap fabric I had in my scrap basket. I used very thin twigs from the elm tree for her hair. Stuffed her with scraps of quilt cotton batting that I have so much of after making quilts.

Nissa was cut from an old wedding ring cutter quilt. More elm twigs for legs. She is also stuffed with cotton batting.

About sleepycathollow

I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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6 Responses to Aubrey & Nissa ~ a garden angel and her bird

  1. aprilsatelier says:

    Too… stinking… cute!! What a fabulous way to use up linens that may need new life!

    I am NOT sorry at all. Pbbhhhttt!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tickled Red says:

    How cute!! I love them. not to mention all of the blue quilts are knocking my socks off lady. I have a project or two for you 😉

  3. Super cute. Love the use of vintage/recycled fabrics. And I also love that book! I just recently whipped up a version of the holiday houses. Isn’t that book the best for playful ideas?

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