Panorama Sugar Easter Eggs ~ Ready for Easter & Spring!

My family makes these eggs every once in a while…mom started making them WAY BACK to help pay for family vacations. The last time we made the sugar eggs was back in 2008.


Mom and I made them up over the past week or so. The shells are made of sugar, cream of tartar, and water….molded, scooped, and flipped to dry. The flowers and critters are made from royal frosting. There is NO PLASTIC in these, folks! Just the wrapping we used. 🙂

The larger of the two is almost 5″ in length, we sell those for $15. The smaller of the two is 3″ and they sell for $8.

Roses, wee flowers, daisies, violets, and pansies. Bunnies, swans, and chicks are inside. Some with crosses.

These guys last a long time if kept properly…ie: in a dry place and if you don’t eat them! 🙂 Which by the way, they are totally edible, but come on! Don’t eat them! They’re too pretty!

And BOYS LOVE THESE just as much as girls, folks!

16 thoughts on “Panorama Sugar Easter Eggs ~ Ready for Easter & Spring!

  1. I am so glad that you made these again. Yes I want one for my mother in law, lilac colors ok? How do we do this? Do I send you a money order? Let me know how I would do this. Can you mail it to my mother in law? Her name is Ilene, can you include a little note that says from Debbie, Happy Easter to a wonderful Mother in Law? Thanks. Sparks, Nevada is beautiful. We live in Bullhead City, and , if it were not for the beautiful Lake Mohave, and the Colorado River we would not be here.

  2. Do you have any of your marvelous sugar Easter eggs to sell this year/ I’d love to send some to my grandchildren. God bless you.

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