Goldfinches & Warblers ~ SPRING IS HERE!

Yesterday, at Rail City’s Garden Center ~ Goldfinches enjoying a semi-warm, sunny, spring morning…splashing away.

This evening, after the sun went down, I spotted a pretty little bird hopping around my neighbors rooftop and tree…the lighting was pretty dim, sorry. I think it’s a Western Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

Grey Hawks ~ Nesting Pair in Sparks, NV

We were playing horse shoes (yes, I lost again…skunked once) at a small park in Sparks, NV along the Truckee River when I heard some loud squawking in the trees overhead. I finally found one of the squawkers who was calling out to her mate, he was sitting in the pine tree not far away.

Me thinks they are a pair of nesting Grey Hawks…more like I think they are Grey Hawks, I know they are nesting as I saw the nest. 🙂

And the big guy she was talking too…

The nest is on the lower left corner…