Goldfinches & Warblers ~ SPRING IS HERE!

Yesterday, at Rail City’s Garden Center ~ Goldfinches enjoying a semi-warm, sunny, spring morning…splashing away.

This evening, after the sun went down, I spotted a pretty little bird hopping around my neighbors rooftop and tree…the lighting was pretty dim, sorry. I think it’s a Western Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

2 thoughts on “Goldfinches & Warblers ~ SPRING IS HERE!

  1. Great photos of those birds. We see a few robins and jays and an occassional hawk. We have to watch out for the hawk with the puppy as small as she is right now.

  2. I have seen a goldfinch or two hereabouts as well. For us, robins are not the real harbingers of Spring; it’s the red-winged blackbird. Love their call…

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