Hobo Quilt Update ~ Starting the Quilt Top

I finished the last two Hobo Quilt blocks yesterday, after a whirlwind spring house cleaning, and have started sewing the quilt top.

Since I have 60 blocks, I decided on 6 columns and 10 rows…grouped in fours with 1″ sashing, and set with corner stones and 2″ sashing.

Once I finish this part, I will add more 2″ sashing with the corner stones around the whole thing, then add a border. The quilt will be backed with flannel.

Group of 4 with 1" sashing

groups of 4 set with 2" sashing & corner stones

6 thoughts on “Hobo Quilt Update ~ Starting the Quilt Top

  1. I like how you are grouping the 4 blocks together. I received my Hobo book over the weekend. I just love reading about the life of the hobo’s with each block. I won’t be able to start this quilt until later in the summer but for now will just enjoy watching your quilt grow. Did you have a plan as to what fabrics to use or did you just pick from your stash? Thanks for sharing it with us. Nancy in PA

    • Hi Nancy!

      You’re going to love piecing these blocks…and if you like the stories, get the book Riding The Rails.

      I used fabric from my stash, which is pretty large! 😉 A lot of them I had set aside for my Dear Jane quilt. I did go out and buy a FQ of blue/grey check and the I just bought the sashing material. You can use scraps for this quilt! I kept pulling from my scrap bag.

    • Thank you, Cathi. I spent many nights laying in bed staring at the design wall trying to figure out how I was going to piece the top. LOL! Get the book, if anything, it’s a great read!

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