Hobo Quilt is FINISHED!

My husband’s Hobo Quilt is FINISHED, washed, and on the bed!


I has a warm fuzzy flannel backing. I used a thin 100% cotton batting.

It was fun, it went pretty fast, am glad it’s over. LOL! Onto a quilt with bright fun fabrics now…me thinks feedsacks! I pulled these pretties from my stash las night.

And staying with a quilting theme…Lucy and Leo napping on my Orange & Lime quilt. It was cold yesterday…winds, snow, rain, more wind. Springtime in Nevada SUCKS!

(((sorry…I changed picture hosting and lost this pic)))

8 thoughts on “Hobo Quilt is FINISHED!

  1. Love it!! Bet your hubby does too!

    That is a rather impressive collection of feedsack fabrics. I am jealous. šŸ˜€

    Baby kitties… look at those pink pads! So precious…

  2. I like your finished Hobo quilt. I can’t wait till I can get started on mine. I am still reading the stories with each block. Thanks for sharing the picture and the close up of how you quilted it.
    I can’t wait to see what you are doing with your ‘feed sack’ fabrics??

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