Take My HUSBAND…please? with sugar on top?

Big Sigh.

So, as some of you may know, my husband is unemployed…and driving me crazy. It’s hard to live with a bi-polar, depressed man who can not stand living in the duplex we are renting. Every day it’s “what’s the good word about the house?” (((insert Michelle banging head against desk)))

Anyhoo…I FINALLY got him to volunteer his time while he’s out looking for work. He now goes to the Nevada Food Bank on the two days he gets the car (it’s north of town and the truck gets crappy mileage), and he’s in the process of Volunteer Orientation at the VA Hospital!

He also has been signing US (notice US and not HIM) up for things to do after I GET OFF OF WORK! I want some down time…some ME TIME…some SEWING time. Nope. I’m not saying I’m not enjoying the outings (and to be honest, some of them were my suggestions), it’s just I really would like some me time. Also time to get household chores done. A nap. A beer.

So far a few of the things we did this week:

* Walked downtown to the old Riverside to watch the lighting of a sculpture (borrowed art from Burning Man).

* Walked to Sundance Bookstore’s grand opening in their new building (awesome old house on the corner of California and Plumas/Sierra), then through their “backyard” to the Nevada Museum of Art to listen to Richmond Fontaine (author Willy Vlautin’s band).

* Took a LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND class from Washoe County Park Service at Galena Creek Park. Taught by Ranger Jerry from Davis Creek Park. Very cool information…some a bit extreme (like pack your crap out).

* “Along High Sierra Trails with Mark Vollmer and Mike White” talk with slides at REI.
Description: Join our own REI team members Mark Vollmer and Mike White on an exploration of the “Range of Light” from Yosemite going south. Mark Vollmer is an award winning photographer whose has chronicled the Sierras in sight and sound. Mike White, also an award winner, has authored trail guides for much of the Sierra as well as Northern Nevada.

Definitely want to get the book Afoot & Afield in Reno-Tahoe: A Comprehensive Hiking Guide by Mike White.

I did get some sewing in late last Friday night while my husband was asleep ~ need to get the top sewn now. Worked on ps i quilt’s quilt along.

Lucy got tired of supervising my work ~

For Today ~ 21 June 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 21 June 2011.

Outside My Window… Robins pulling worms out of the lawn. Sun setting. Someone walking by with a grocery cart fully of bottles in a trash bag.

I am thinking… I’m not ready for 96F! Why can’t we have a summer of 80F????

I am thankful for… Friends and family…and hopefully for a new place to live by the end of July.

From the kitchen… Potstickers and leftover salad. Not much.

I am wearing… shorts, brown tshirt, barefoot, hair up…it’s hot. 85F inside right now.

I am creating… Well…I had to put up my ric-rac quilt until I can order some border fabric online, which means I have to wait unitl pay day. Big sigh. None of my LQS had what I needed. I’ve cut out the first part of Rachel’s (ps i quilt) quilt along.

I am going… whimper a bit…the Giants are being beat by the Twinkies. It was 8-0 in the 1st inning. ACK!

I am reading… flipping through Food Network magazine.

I am hoping… not hoping, am praying…for patience, peace, more patience, and a puppy.

I am hearing… Kruk and Kuip on Comcast Bay Area Sports.

Around the house… Leo is a sad kitty. He wants a new house with a fenced lawn too.

One of my favorite things… helping people out with gardening. 🙂 Since I don’t have but a few pots of maters and peppers, it’s fun to help out others.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… hopefully work on the quilt along quilt, go tubing on the Truckee, go to the Reno Rodeo, maybe catch Thor at the $3 movies.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Black Krim Heirloom maters growing.


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A Quilt for my work wall

My bestest, sweetest, most awesome friend, April, made me a quilt for my “new” office. I really can’t remember how it came about that she started making me the quilt…LOL!…but I love it. Very bright, very cheery, very April.

It’s from a pattern I saw on Connecting Threads…I made one out of Lila Tueller’s EDEN by just looking at the picture. April bought the pattern and did a much nicer job than I…”Oh look! Everything lines up!” She used Lila Tueller’s Santorini fabric line…Lila’s fabric is so flipping cheerful, eh?! The backing is from Lila’s Soirée line. She made a Flying Geese border by using a One Seam Method. It’s about 41″x52″…will cover a large chunk of my wall. 🙂

Now I just have to get that puppy up on the wall. I have two wooden quilt hangers that I brought in, but wanted to show them to my sister’s boss first (she’s woodworker and thought that she could probably make me a bunch more).


Ric-Rac Quilt up on the Design Wall

Camille Roskelley’s Jiffy Ric-Rac quilt really pieces together fast! 🙂

I’m using Doodlebug Design’s FEELING GROOVY by Riley Blake for the half circles and Kona White for the neutral. I’m thinking Lime Green for the backing and the strips for the binding. Not exactly sure about the border yet.

Here it is up on the design wall (ie: my closet) ~

For Today ~ 13 June 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 13 June 2011.

Outside My Window… Train going by on a northern spur, cars, birdies on the thistle sock, construction guys taking a front loader somewhere on campus.

I am thinking… I’m hungry. Pooh Bear tummy thing going on. 🙂 My wrist hurts! Wonder if it’s from playing Avalon Legends Solitaire too much. I wish short sales didn’t take so long to process.

I am thankful for… a roof over my head, even if I’d like to torch the one I’m currently under…don’t worry, I won’t. But I can’t promise what my husband would do.

From the kitchen…  Last night I made up a chicken and rice dish. I marinated the chicken in: seasoned rice vinegar, sodium-lite soy, garlic, serrano pepper, peanut butter, ground ginger, ginger lemon honey and some olive oil. (it’s what I could find in the frig and pantry!) Some Jasmine rice. Broccoli. Dumped the chicken and marinade into a pan and cooked it…put the whole thing over the rice.

I am wearing… jeans, tennies, short-sleeved blue shirt, hair in pony-tail.

I am creating… a Camille Roskelley quilt ~ Ric Rac in a Jiffy!

I have 60 half circles cut out…16 all sewn together. I’m using Riley Blake, Doodlebug Design’s FEELING GROOVY fabric…it’s SO CUTE!

I am going… to go to the Nevada Museum of Art this weekend…To Live Forever, Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum opened up over the weekend.

I am reading… going to start a Tina Fey book.

I am hoping… not hoping, am praying…for patience, peace, more patience, and a puppy.

I am hearing… me coughing. I really dislike post-nasal drip.

Around the house… Leo is a sad kitty. He wants a new house with a fenced lawn too.

One of my favorite things… gardening…and I don’t get to do much of it where we’re at now. I have 5 tomatoes in pots, and four pepper plants too. I guess the good thing is I don’t have many weeds. 🙂

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… work on the ric-rac quilt, try to wait patiently for ps i quilt to get her quilt a-long up and running.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

14 1/2 pints of jam I made up ~ strawberry & rhubarb, and strawberry, raspberry & mango! The berries and rhubarb were fresh from the farmers market…mangos, bag of frozen ones. LOL!


The Simple Woman is the original home of The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Synchronized Squares Quilt Along ~ ps i quilt

Rachel at ps i quilt is hosting another quilt along ~ Synchronized Squares.

It’s being sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop who will be awarding prizes for finished quilts that are posted in Rachel’s Flickr group! You can also get a discount for buying two layer cakes at FQS…see Rachel’s blog post for information.

I have a few layer cakes in my stash already…am thinking I’d use MoMo’s Odyssea or It’s a Hoot. Or I can use Riley Blake’s Feeling Groovy (I have a FQ bundle). Or maybe Sandy Gervais’s Frolic (also have a FQ bundle of that).


Craft Challenge using Monastery Windows Pattern

In one of my my crafting groups our Craft Challenge for May/June was to make something with the quilt pattern Monastery Windows.

Originally it was a May Challenge and I was running out of time so I made up 8 of each block and tried my hand at making a pillow. I used two batiks (the pinks) that I got from a quilt show in Portola, CA (Cabin Fever Quilt Show) and a cream (with grey and blue) batik from Windy Moon Quilts here in Reno.

I thought the darker of the pinks would make a great piping around the pillow…only thing, I really hate making anything on the bias, so I cut the fabric for the piping as I would for regular binding thinking I’ll make the bugger curve no matter what! 🙂

After making the top part I quilted it; sewed on the piping to the front quilted piece; sewed the backing on and left 4″, turned inside out and stuffed it. I used polyester pillow stuffing as it dries faster after washing.

The pattern is great! I will definitely use it to make a lap quilt! Very pretty indeed.

Ok…here is my pillow (I put the pictures through photoshop’s artistic dry brush filter)!

Here’s a link to Sharon’s entry ~ she made an awesome Red/White/Blue quilt! Just LOVE that binding! 🙂

I know there are a few others that have an entry, but they haven’t posted anything online.

Today is Meowmorial Day 2011 ~ So Sayeth Otis

of the blog Cult of Otis…and who am I to argue with Otis?

I would like to honor my beloved Max. Maxie died two years ago May from congestive heart failure.

Maxie was the most handsome Blue Russian/Ragdoll. EVER! I miss him dearly. Max was an indoor kitty that was allowed to come out with me when I worked in the yard. He loved to just sit in the grass and supervise. Loved boxes…any box. Had a 50 cup coffee percolator purr. Was a great snuggler.