Today is Meowmorial Day 2011 ~ So Sayeth Otis

of the blog Cult of Otis…and who am I to argue with Otis?

I would like to honor my beloved Max. Maxie died two years ago May from congestive heart failure.

Maxie was the most handsome Blue Russian/Ragdoll. EVER! I miss him dearly. Max was an indoor kitty that was allowed to come out with me when I worked in the yard. He loved to just sit in the grass and supervise. Loved boxes…any box. Had a 50 cup coffee percolator purr. Was a great snuggler.

6 thoughts on “Today is Meowmorial Day 2011 ~ So Sayeth Otis

  1. Aw, I know you still miss him and I am so sorry. It seemed like he got sick and was gone so fast. 😦

    Shadow will have been gone three years on the 27th, but Leyla has enough similarities (especially her vocalizations) that it’s eased the ache a little.

    Heart hugs for you and Maxi…

  2. What a wonderful post about your beloved Max. Thanks so much for sharing your fond memories of him. With each passing day, as you remember all the days, months and years of loving him, your heartache will continue to heal.

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