Day at Verdi’s Crystal Peak Park

Spent Saturday at Crystal Peak Park over in Verdi…a short hop skip and jump from Reno. The park is right on the Truckee River…and was pretty busy. Looked like the fishing was pretty good by the bridge…lots of fishies were being taken away.

9 thoughts on “Day at Verdi’s Crystal Peak Park

  1. Hi. Found you on Cathi’s Blog, Quilt Obsession. Verdi. What lovely pictures you have here. What a delightful, magical photo with the dear. You know, Verdi is where I grew up. Across the hwy actually IN Verdi. There’s even a little school there. My dad eventually sold the house and property and moved the horses with new wife out at the base of Job’s Peak (Gardnerville). Beautiful but it’s just not Verdi. Cattle Ranch land. Still… Anyway, nice to meet you. Thanks for allowing for my musings…

    • Hello! I’ve had a few friends live in Verdi and we like going there along the river to walk and fish. Love Carson Valley down there in Miden/Gardnerville too. 🙂 Drop in anytime!

  2. I loves deer too – cute AND delicious!

    Seems to me there really isn’t as much time for quilting in the summer. Good to get outdoors isn’t it? We’re freezing our bits off down here.

    • I’d get more quilting in if it weren’t for the fact that my husband drags me all over downtown Reno for the Artown events. I got about 1/2 hour in yesterday. LOL!

      Not big on deer, eating wise. Too gamey.

      • On the plus side the events you’re attending look like a lot of fun. I’m trying to hold of on new quilting projects until I get some chores out of the way – kind of a reward.

        And as for venison, try marinating in red wine over night and serving it in a stew with juniper berries and a little cream. Mmmmm….

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