Quilt Top finished ~ ps i quilt quilt along

The quilt top that was to only take 3 weeks to finish, is finally finished. I got some time to work on it the past few nights.

It took me a bit longer for a few reasons ~

1 – I work during the day
2 – My husband has been dragging me out of the house practically every night and weekend day.
3 – Just not feeling for this quilt ~ even though I LOVE the fabric! Love the fabric!
4 – I found it a total waste of neutral fabric so I was cutting out the backside of the blocks before cutting them in quarters.

Quilt Top ~ A four-patch with raw edges

Backside of block before cutting into quarters, where I cut it out and will use the saved fabric for something else ~

Fabric for the back of the quilt ~

7 thoughts on “Quilt Top finished ~ ps i quilt quilt along

  1. Yeah, that work during the day thing gets in the way of a whole lotta other stuff doesn’t it? But then the magic happens and you get money in your bank account and it’s all worthwhile πŸ™‚

    And I see your point on 3- and 4- Not sure I would have even started a quilt that had me cutting out all that neutral fabric. Just doesn’t feel right. Well done on the finish though.

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