Kitchen Paint Help Needed

So…I will be painting my new kitchen when we move in. Right now it’s a dark hunter green.

Here are some early pictures I took when we were looking at the house back in June.

Thought I’d throw in the bathroom…even though it’s not a great picture. But just to let you know…I’m not keeping the BLACK paint. Ick.

I was waffling between yellows, greens, and blues for the paint. Now I’ve narrowed it down to FOUR paint strips…but not sure which intensity of each color. Oh, and by the way, we’re going with Kelly Moore paint as we have a discount there.

The cabinets will stay cream white.



The first is Seaside Accents (KM3219-1) and the lighter Iced Teal (KM3218-1)

Seaside Accents KM3219

Iced Teal KM3218

Turquoise Treat (KM3236-1), Aqua Infusion (KM3235-1) and the lighter Baby Aqua (KM3234-1)

Turquoise Treat KM3236

Aqua Infusion KM3235

Baby Aqua KM3234

Painted Copper (KM3268-1), and the lighter Jardin Jewel (KM3267-1)

Painted Copper KM3268

Jardin Jewel KM3267

Glorious Garden (KM3244-1), Aged Aegean (KM3243-1) and the lighter Harington (KM3242-1)

Glorious Garden KM3244

Aged Aegean KM3243

Harington KM3242

UPDATE: Thought I’d throw in the yellows I was looking at too for all of you that wanted yellow. 🙂

Country Sun

Lemon Burst

Saffron Smile

Summer Yellow

JUST TO SHOW I CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND…Here are two I didn’t add the first time that I really like. LOL!

Aegean Accent

Nature's Theme

13 thoughts on “Kitchen Paint Help Needed

  1. MHO…The first two are pretty but after a while I think your kitchen would start feeling a bit “institutional” if you know what I mean. I love the Turquoise Treat if you are going for the 60’s diner feel, which I like a lot. Jardin Jewel and Harrington are my next picks. Can’t wait to see the how it looks when you are done. Your kitchen is so big! I’m jealous!

  2. It is too late to vote for a warm, buttery yellow? Thought so. I’ll vote for the Seaside one in that case. Good luck! Place looks great.

  3. Knowing, as you probably have found too, how amplified and intense a color that looked soft on the pain chip appeared, I really really favor the Iced Teal. The cooler subtlety will go great with the floor tile, I think, and play nicely with the burgundy accents in your counter tile.

    As far as the yellows go, that Lemon Burst remains my favorite. 😀 But, still thinking a soft teal will balance things out well….

  4. Was just thinking, if you had white and black floor tiles for example, I’d definitely go with a funky turquoise. But with the browns in the floor tile… just not sure… Hmmmm….

  5. I still like yellow in a kitchen, especially the Summer Yellow, but that is just me.
    I love the turquoise and teal colors also.

  6. I like the iced teal, and the summer yellow. I had a yellow kitchen–there was only one window over the sink, and it really brightened up the room. But I think you could get away with most any shade of blue in that kitchen.

    Cupboards are fine, but need new hardware, IMO.



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