For Today ~ 12 September 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 11/12 September 2011. (I started this last night, but a Scrabble game got in the way)

Outside My Window… It’s night-time, it’s dark outside at the moment. I have the Jets and Cowboys game on the tv. Windows are wide open as it cooled off a bit…it’s down in the 70’s with a breeze. If it there was some light out…you’d see the 5 wee Mum flowers I planted. (A BEAUTIFUL Sunrise, thanks to the clouds moving through)

I’d like to plant some lavender…and some hollyhock (seeds)…then will wait until spring to see what was planted by the prior owners.

I am thinking… Some popcorn sounds really good, I wonder if I have any. (Yes…we did have popcorn…which I popped for our Scrabble game)

I am thankful for… that Autumn is on it’s way. I’m ready to put summer behind me.

From the kitchen… Had Subway sandwiches for dinner tonight (last night). We picked them up after shopping at Lowes (flowers, curtain rod, dustpan, garden gloves, and a big tub to consolidate all my Christmas stuff). I need to pick up a pork-loin and some potatoes for tomorrows/today’s dinner.

I am wearing… shorts, a really old t-shirt, bare-foot. (cropped tan pants, green peasant blouse, sketchers, hair curly)

I am creating… Still putting the house together…not creating much of anything. (except less boxes!) I am planning my garden. My husband dug out all the crap that was growing behind the garage for me, he said he’d mix in some top soil for me later this week. I’d like to get garlic in.

I am going… to make the marinade for the pork-loin…olive oil, brown sugar, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and water.

I am reading… The Help…on my new Nook! After selling some items (like old tv for one) and paying off the new tv, I had some leftover to get the Nook I wanted for my birthday. 🙂

I am hoping… that our deposit return gets here soon…but I have a feeling it will be another week or more.

I am hearing… the wind and the football game (last night)…today? Traffic going to work. Must be a new set of construction workers starting on a building on campus…lot more than usual is parked behind me.

Around the house… vacuumed, all boxes put away, new table in the kitchen (see below), 2 cups of raspberry juice made up from the berries I picked on Saturday, garden dug up, mums planted out front.

One of my favorite things… FOOTBALL! Especially watching the Buffalo Bills WIN THEIR FIRST GAME!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Continue painting…have base boards and a bathroom to finish up.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…


A nice enameled pot with strainer! Now I can fit TWO artichokes into one pot. 🙂 That was $2.

I found a table for $8…needs sanding, but is very solid. Here you can see the base boards that need to be painted! I also need to go find some fabric to make curtains. New windows will be put in next week!

9 thoughts on “For Today ~ 12 September 2011 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Hi Michele I followed ur Dill Pickle Easy Recipe- So hopefully next week we can munch a crunch I substituted red pepper corns for black ones;) Jan
    cheer to the logo- sleepycathollow-

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