Time to Frolic with my Fabric!


More or less am settled into the new house…my hands/wrists are starting to calm down…got my Singer 301 back from Windy Moon Quilts all serviced and ready to go!

I am ITCHING to play with my fabric!

Over on Aneela Hoey’s blog Comfort Stitching I spied TRIANGLES! I have a complete FQ bundle of her Sherbet Pips and thought I could make a triangle quilt out of that line…but decided it’s too ‘pastel-y’ (not as bright as her Little Apples line…which is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!). So I put those down…will have to ponder a bit more on what type of quilt to make with the Sherbet Pips.

I then looked in my stash and pulled out the FQ bundle I had of Sandy Gervais ~ Frolic. This will make an awesome Autumn/Fall triangle quilt. I can get three (3) 5.25″ strips from a FQ…and five 5.25″ triangles from each strip. I’m halfway through cutting.

4 thoughts on “Time to Frolic with my Fabric!

  1. I saw the pic you posted on the Cafe. I’ve seen those before only with smaller triangles. Can’t wait till you finish it. 🙂

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