Wordless Wednesday – Farmer’s Wife Quilt to be….


15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Farmer’s Wife Quilt to be….

  1. Hello and Happy New Year 2012 to Everyone….
    I have not made this quilt before but I do hope to make it sometime….I also may make mine a twisted version….called the “FARMER’S SON”…..simple reason, I grew up on a the farm in Upstate NY near Niagara Falls…….I will let you know how I make out on it…..working on two quilts as of yesterday and today….one of them is a Jelly Roll, my design tho….working out great…but will have to find Match ups for the many mitered borders I will put in this quilt….the one top I made yesterday….NEW DESIGN of mine….will be a Table Cloth….maybe if I am allowed sometime I will photo it when complete and share it with all of you…
    This quilt THE FARMER’S DAUGHTER is a great quilt with many designs within it’s borders…great for learning too….
    Thanks for sharing….
    Ken from Orlando, FLorida, USA

    • Hi there! The blocks will be 6×6 in size for a total of 111 blocks. My friend April sent me the book with a bunch of fabric she bought from a quilt show…but I’m changing out the fabric in favor of Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt.

      • You’re very lucky to have a friend like April 🙂 6 x 6 will come up beautifully. By my calculations that’s a ‘small’ block that ventures into the fiddly range but they look terrific made up.

  2. Thanks “Mosaicthinking”…
    The jellyroll larger quilt, the blocks unfinished are 5 1/2″ sq so finished they will al be 5″….it worked out really well for this particular project. It will contain 48 blocks altogether….not sure how all of the borders will end up…but FOR SURE there will be a PIANO KEY border as the main Focus that draws the eye outward from the design…..I am using the PIANO KEY border style, kind of like a personal signature since I do play piano….just kind of thought it was a neat thing.
    Now the Tablecloth that I designed is rectangular and the finished blocks are 8″ x 10” respectively. The cutting and shuffling of pieces is what really DRIVES this quilt to a neat design….I have not seen a design like this….it is not a CROWN WINNER nor is it an AMAZING WONDER, but I think it is neat and so far….my joints are crisp and tight, but I tried very hard and kept my focus…..just hope I can keep all of the mitered borders tight and crisp also…..The back…needless to say I am extra PROUD of so far…..watching ELEANOR BURNS really pays off….because all of my seams are flat as flat can be and did turn out very nicely for me as I kept pressing along the way…that itself really helps in keeping bulk down and the flow of seams going smoothly…..having said that LOL….that is this quilt…who is to tell what the next one might look like hehehe….get out that PICK AX or should I say the “seam ripper” lol….
    This is my VERY FIRST time sharing all of this info on any project so I hope you ladies and perhaps other gents will bear with me as I go along….I am not new to sewing…I make tons of PRIMITIVES and have made several quilted projects….but this NEW YEAR…I am EXTRA FOCUS to do better….and HAVE MORE FUN doing it…..
    I hope to meet many of you on here and to share those stitching wonders…..
    Happy New Year 2012 and please….keep the convo’s going….
    Please at anytime share your stories…..projects….I am always interested…seriously.
    God Bless…

  3. Hey SleepyCatHollow…….did I do this wrong? I thought Mosaicthinking was talking to me? hmmmmmmmm set me straight ok LOL…..Oh well….

      • Hi Sleepy.Cat….no I don’t have any of those I just use YAHOO to chat…I don’t belong to Facebook or Twitter or anything else. I do PHotobucket…I do post my FOR PURCHASE items on ETSY…..I just haven’t trusted nor the time to get too involved in Facebook and Twitter….I use to do MYSPACE but the POPUPS that they had all over the place…I had a terrible time even bringing up my page….NOT MY SYSTEM FAULT…it is fine…it was all of the AD POPUPS and I spent more time trying to get out and get rid of all the ADD POPUPS and VIRUSES that I pulled out of ALL OF MYSPACE even the Karaoke part which I loved…but it was MORE TROUBLE than it was EVER worth…but I did have lots of photos on there….and for me…FACEBOOK is just not PRIVATE enough and too many probs like virus and so on…
        If I knew of a place I could create where I didn’t have to worry about such nonsense and focus more on content..then I could consider it. Maybe you or you readers may have suggestions….
        Also can I not post my photos of projects here to share as I talk about them, from my photobucket upload? I mean one or two photos…..like these two quilt projects I am referring to so far here? I am OPEN to simple suggestions….
        Thanks KEN

  4. Oh I forgot to add..that I just realized that this might be a SINGLE SUBJECT ONLY for the FARMER’S DAUGHTER….blog….just like the others in LINK COLUMN to the right of this comment……It is not a centralized location meaning ONE continuous Blog…this is one of MANY here correct?……So only anyone reading this particular one would ever see or read my comments here, am I correct? I guess If I was already into my “FARMERS DAUGHTER” project would it have any relevance to this conversation, sharing mostly info on the SUBJECT at hand…..Am I thinking in the right direction on how this works? …………..Oh my…….those “SENIOR MOMENTS” lol….

  5. Sleepy Cat Hollow is my personal blog, one of many blogs with WordPress.com. The blog is free, I host my own pictures either with WordPress, Flickr (a free Yahoo photo site), or sellersourcebook.com.

    I talk about anything that catches my fancy…this isn’t a Farmers Wife Quilt website only.

    You should look into WordPress.com and start a blog! Free and pretty easy to use. They have a great spam catcher for comments…you just delete the spam in one big block before it goes to your posts.

    I link some of my favorite blogs on the right hand side.

  6. Hello again……When referring to FARMERS WIFE QUILT…I meant this particular folder or choice was primarily about this quilt…WITHIN your Website….your website hosting a variety of separate subject blogs within….is what I meant. Just trying to get my “thinking” right. I see a column to the right with many many subjects…..This one being one of them. So in order for anyone to see my conversation with you, they would have to come into this particular subject folder if you will…and see us conversing about. Thanks for the info about WordPress.com and Flickr…I will check them out….
    Hope you have a great NEW YEARS EVE…

    • Yes….I pigeon-hole my posts into different subjects. This one being in quilting and sewing. If google picks up the tags, people looking for “farmers wife quilt” will see your comments, otherwise it will only be seen by my friends and anyone else stumbling across my blog. If you have questions regarding the quilt/book, your best bet is to post on the different “groups” that are set up around the internet. I know there are a few in yahoo groups.

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