Red-Breasted Sapsucker?

While at Miner’s Park in Virginia City, Nevada on Saturday I snapped this picture (bugger was fast, so not that clear) ~ is it a red-breasted sapsucker?

A Different View of Virginia City, Nevada

Since I always take my camera with me wherever I go, and we go to Virginia City quite a lot…I decided to focus in on parts of buildings instead of the whole kit-n-kaboodle. 🙂 Photos taken on our Saturday, 28 Jan 2012, drive on up to V.C.

As always, please click on the photo for a larger view.

Cast Iron Columns at Virginia City, NV ~ 28 Jan 2012

Well, actually they are the tops of the cast iron columns that are throughout Virginia City. Not exactly sure what you would call them. I’ve always loved them…

Robins ~ my Happy Birds

Robins (as do Scrub Jays) always make me smile…and yesterday BUNCHES of them dropped in for a visit. 🙂

Visiting Cedar Waxwings ~ Reno, NV ~ 27 Jan 2012

This morning I looked out the side window and saw an invasion of Robins (I’ll post those pictures later) and then a bunch of Cedar Waxwings! I thought they had moved on, but there they were! At least nine of them! Found out why…the Hawthorn tree in the backyard is still loaded with berries. 🙂

The Robins and Waxwings are enjoying a berry buffet today.

Venus & Moon ~ 25 January 2012 ~ Evening Sky over Reno, NV

I saw on EarthSky that there would be a great pairing of the moon and Venus so I took my camera out to the backyard yesterday evening…and promptly decided my tripod, that I’ve had for 25+ years, needs to be upgraded. LOL! I tried though and here are a few shots using my Panasonic FZ150.


To set things up…a picture of STAR WALK app on my iPad.

Da Moon ~ around 5 pm using just the auto setting on my camera and hand held.

This one around 7-ish pm.


When you look at a crescent moon shortly after sunset or before sunrise, you can sometimes see not only the bright crescent of the moon, but also the rest of the moon as a dark disc. That pale glow on the unlit part of a crescent moon is light reflected from Earth. It’s called “earthshine.”

🙂 That’s what I caught in this photograph!