10 thoughts on “Hello, My Lovely Wee Basil

  1. Do you have oregano too? I just discovered by chance (overzealous weeding) that the Greeks are onto something by drying oregano. I’d seen it on Jamie Oliver’s cooking show, the series where he travels to Greece and makes Greek salad on a boat (as you do.) He gives a bunch of dried oregano a squeeze to season his salad. I did that with my pasta sauce for dinner tonight and it worked a treat.

    • Oregano (Greek & a Syrian), Thyme (English & Lime) and Rosemary I can grow year-round outside…they are pretty hardy plants…but Basil during the winter time is indoors. I dry my herbs every fall so I always have nice “fresh” dried herbs from my garden to use in my cooking. I also like to grow Marjoram, Camomile, Dill, Chives, Cilantro, Italian flat-leaf Parsley, and Sage. 🙂

      Here is a post from a few years back ~ https://sleepycathollow.wordpress.com/2008/09/24/drying-herbs-and-pepper-seeds-from-the-garden/

      • Great post. I could use some dill right now – thinking about pickling some cucumbers.

        We don’t get paper grocery bags in this country so I can’t use that technique. Maybe I can sew some drying bags.

        I am drying shallots (small red onions, names seem to vary by region) on a drying rack in the the wood shop at the moment. I tried plaiting the onion stalks to keep them on the rack and that worked quite well. Planning to eat some and re-plant some.

      • That is why I grow dill…for dill pickles. LOL! Love shallots. I grow oodles of garlic…hang them to dry on the clothes line. 🙂

        Those paper bags are brown paper lunch bags that we can buy here. You need some holes in the bags for air circulation.

    • My sister let me use her cheap electric food drier…just a round thing with plastic trays that stack on top of each other. I dried my peppers with it. I’d probably use it every garden season.

      • Thanks for that. Maybe I’ll get one. Looks like this year’s tomato harvest will be much smaller than last year’s though. We get a small handful of cherry tomatoes a couple of times a week. Last year we had so many we barely knew what to do with them all. That’s when I started thinking about drying them.

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