Visiting Cedar Waxwings ~ Reno, NV ~ 27 Jan 2012

This morning I looked out the side window and saw an invasion of Robins (I’ll post those pictures later) and then a bunch of Cedar Waxwings! I thought they had moved on, but there they were! At least nine of them! Found out why…the Hawthorn tree in the backyard is still loaded with berries. 🙂

The Robins and Waxwings are enjoying a berry buffet today.

About sleepycathollow

I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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4 Responses to Visiting Cedar Waxwings ~ Reno, NV ~ 27 Jan 2012

  1. Beautiful! Those guys look like they’re a pretty good size? Love that top photo – his feathers make a cute hair-do!

  2. Look at all of them! Wow, Waxwing migration through Sleepy Cat Hollow… who knew LOL?

    Love the photo with the berries and blue sky. 🙂

  3. I think it’s a “winter waxwing gang” that swoops in on berry trees like a swarm of locusts! I’d say they ate half the berries yesterday between them and the robins. May see them again today…to finish the tree off! LOL!

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