More Pyramid Lake…Tufa Mounds

TUFA ~ deposits of calcium carbonate formed within the lake.

There are three tufa varieties, including lithoid (dense), thinolitic (crystalline), and dendritic (branching). Two other varieties have been noted in Pyramid Lake area: A fine-grained carbonate that cements sand and gravel forming beach rock, and a thin white porous carbonate that coats outer surfaces of older tufas.

You can see the shore lines of old Lake Lahontan up in the hills to the right.

The Needles ~ I used to soak in the hot springs at the north end of the lake while in high school and college. They have since been closed by the Paiute Tribe due to people vandalizing the area.

I think these would be called Thinolite crystals.

This just looks like a brain to me. LOL!


More of the old shore lines of Lake Lahontan.


Beachrock Tufa ~

Indian Head Rock tufa mound is composed of interlocking spheres and barrels…and behind me, where I was standing to take this picture was the beachrock slabs.

Concentric layers of dense tufa.

4 thoughts on “More Pyramid Lake…Tufa Mounds

  1. Very cool! Some of those shots remind me of Art Wolf’s work. He likes to capture images like your “brain” shot… things hard to identify without context that look like alien textures. 🙂

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