Signs of Spring in Northern Nevada

Northern Nevada’s weather is just plain crazy! You’d think after living here for 32 years I’d get use to it…but we went from 69F on Monday to a 36F snowy and windy Tuesday! One day and a 33 degree temp change…can we say SINUS KILLER?!

On a good note ~

Hello my sweet new lilac growth! I can’t wait for you to be full of green leaves and pretty flowers! I’m sure the bees are dreaming sweet thoughts of you in their cozy wee homes.

Hello Mr. Daffy! You still look a bit sleepy, I can’t wait to see your happy, sunny face!

My basil has grown enough to be divided….

I transplanted them up to their first real leaves. Will have to remember to start pinching off the tops to induce bushy plant growth.

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