Friday Rant ~ your bad habit in my yard


I’m allergic to the stupid things. My eyes water. I can’t breathe. I cough. My head starts to hurt.

Yes, I know…it’s a free country and folks are allowed to smoke. It’s their “right”.

I understand that.

I move away from the smoker.

I fan my hand.

I blow it back at you.

What I really want to do is shove that lit dirty piece of crap up your nose, I don’t care if you’re my friend out not!

See that delightful pile of cigarette butts?

I collected those in MY YARD and DRIVEWAY yesterday. ALL OF THEM! That’s less than ONE WEEK’S worth! I collect that amount or more EVERY WEEK!

Over the fence in my yard.

In my flowers.

In my bushes.

On my driveway.

Near my front door.

The guilty arseholes? VA HOSPITAL WORKERS ON BREAK…they take their walks around the neighborhood and flick their stinking “rights” into my yard!

NOTE: Took out an angry part that I directed towards the hospital, when I know it’s the individual that deserves my anger. I apologize.

14 thoughts on “Friday Rant ~ your bad habit in my yard

  1. I’m with you except I think smoking is a privilege and not a right–and with rights and privileges comes responsibility–something most smokers that I have come across don’t believe should apply to them… I think you hit a nerve with me. Both of my parents smoked… Ahhrrr! My apologies. Good luck!

  2. You should put them in a baggie and take them to whomever is the high muckety-muck and tell them you are tired of having your yard and home littered with this garbage. I was a smoker but I *never * did that. It’s nasty!

  3. Oh that really stinks. Figuratively and literally. I hate that. I’m an ex-smoker who now has asthma and I can’t tolerate cigrette smells in any way shape or form. I feel ya. My neighbor across the way, a really nice, thoughtful young man, has friends who come over, and they all smoke on the porch or common area. (No smoking in his house). But they flick the farging butts into MY yard. My plants. I’m going to talk to him bout it–it’s not him, it’s his visitors. Grrrrr!

    Totally get this. Not nice at all.


  4. Think before you act… This probably is not going to be the best way to solve your problem…
    Maybe you should try and talk to someone in the HR department before you go in dumping cigarette butts, that’s just going to piss off everyone; smoking or non-smoking

  5. I don’t blame you for being angry, but I’d get on the phone to someone there — maybe in their HR department — and request that they perhaps “educate” their workers on a little etiquette when it comes to dealing with the leavings of their bad habits!

  6. I am also highly allergic to cigarette smoke and can’t stand to be around it. My physical reactions are just like yours; and I can feel my sinuses swelling when I smell smoke. Friends of mine, who are ex-smokers have told me that they didn’t realize how much their smoke affected others (and really thought we non-smokers were just making issues of things that weren’t really issues) until they quit smoking.

    I think you are right on target to speak to someone about all the stuff left in your yard. Perhaps the smokers could be moved to a different smoking area and also be provided with appropriate containers to dispose of those nasty things!

    • More than likely the facility has a no smoking policy on the premises. So the workers/staff are going off property to smoke. But anyone who goes off property to smoke should carry some sort of container to put their cigarette butts in…a baggie, an empty coke can, etc.

      • They have smoking areas, one has to walk by and thru them to get into the hospital. It seems there are a lot of people who just don’t care…the litter around this place is awful, not just the smokers either.

  7. Yeah the stench is to me a huge problem, but the littering is unacceptable. Friends I know who smoke who wouldn’t think of dumping a can or used paper by the side of the road routinely flick their butts out the window. Where do they think all that crap goes?? Pull up to any intersection in the city, and there’s a mini landfill of used cigarettes. They are regularly flicked into our yard as well, living on a main road as we do.

    I know you will handle the situation very effectively. 😉

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