Spring Equinox Walk in the Labyrinth Garden

A few May Arboretum Society members led a Spring Equinox Walk last night up at Rancho San Rafael Park/Wilbur D. May Arboretum. We had a short talk given by Bill Carlos, arboretum horticulturist, and Susan Stewart, a county librarian and May Arboretum Society volunteer. It was a bit windy, as usual up in NW Reno, but the sun was out and our Nevada sky was at it’s best. (I’ll post sky and flower photos tomorrow).


The labyrinth was intiated by the Nevada State Attorney General’s Office, Washoe County District Attorney’s Office and VICTORY (Victims in Crisis, Turmoil or Recovery)…it’s dedicated to victims of violent crime in our community and their loved ones.


Labyrinths have been used for centuries as tools for healing, meditation, and bringing peace into people’s lives. These patterned circuits offer a place for people of all faiths and beliefs to walk, think, or simply reflect in order to help themselves and their families heal on a personal as well as a community level. They are different from mazes, which are designed to confuse people by confronting them with many entrances, endings and choices.

The design of the labyrinth located in Rancho San Rafael Park is a seven-circuit pattern designed by Lea Goode, PhD. It is known as the Santa Rosa Labyrinth©. It is based on seven concentric circles in a 50-foot diameter, with a walking distance of about 1/4-mile. By following its single, winding path to the center and back, you may find that the path of this labyrinth can become a metaphor for your own spiritual journey.

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