An Eagle’s Bum

So…last Saturday while up in the Smoke Creek Desert (SW of the Black Rock Desert), my husband was toodling along the dirt road going 50 mph when I spied a 3 foot bird sitting on a rocky outcrop.


A quarter of a mile later…I saw it was still sitting there while my husband was going backwards.

Then I hopped out of the truck, ran to the back, turned the corner with the camera on and….


6 thoughts on “An Eagle’s Bum

  1. Never fails! When you want a photo, they want to move!

    I got lucky with that butterfly. He remained still even with Bella running around the yard.

    Maybe next time you’ll get him just relaxing.

  2. You realize, we’re just going to have to take your word for it that that WAS an eagle. ;-p Thankfully, your photojournalism is known for its integrity. 😀

    It’s still a lovely shot, though!

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