Aaiiiyeee! Lookie what I found growing in the yard!


I was given some transplant asparagus last fall…dug it a whole on the side of the yard next to my neighbor’s garage and promptly forgot about it.

Last night while watering the beets, peas, onions, garlic, radishes, and carrots I looked over at the overgrown weed/grass and a dried out asparagus fern. Went over to weed and found wee asparagus spears!

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I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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8 Responses to Aaiiiyeee! Lookie what I found growing in the yard!

  1. Asparagi!! Chris would be so jealous LOL! (He wants to grow some but didn’t tell me soon enough.)

  2. digipicsphotography says:

    I’m not fond of asparagus. Glad yours is doing well, though.

  3. So adorable and delicious! One of my favorite veggies! They are so cute!

  4. Cool! When can you eat them?


  5. Congratulations. That’s very exciting. My suggestion is to leave them alone for the first couple of years. Just let the spears grow and they’ll get ‘ferny’. After a year or two you’ll start getting several spears that are thick enough to harvest for the table. We have two plants that are well-esatblished that we use for eating and one that is still putting our spindly thin spears that we don’t touch. We’re nurturing that one for now.

    Oh, and don’t forget the fertiliser.

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