20th Annual Cabin Fever Quilt Show ~ Stars Over the Cabin

Today we drove up to Portola, CA so I could go to the Cabin Fever Quilters’ Quilt Show. After dropping my husband off at the river east of town so he could walk to the park where we eat lunch, I drove to the Fr. Burns Social Hall.

This year they moved the show over to the south side of the river on 100 South Pine St. Sunday’s show is from 10-4. $6 to get in at the door. These ladies are awesome quilters…I never go away disappointed.

I took lots of pics, so will break these up into a few different posts. πŸ™‚

First off…here is my one FQ that I bought. I picked out a wild batik to add to my Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt.

LOVE THIS QUILT! Love the quilts on the houses.

Is this not the cutest quilt?! Absolutely love it! Kitty ballerinas!

5 thoughts on “20th Annual Cabin Fever Quilt Show ~ Stars Over the Cabin

  1. Good on you for letting your husband go free. The jury’s still out for me on the blocky house quilt. Interesting idea – but not sure it works for me. I’m battling on with my more traditional house blocks. One of them is close to being structurally unsound, but I’m sure I can rescue it with a hot iron and a bit of trimming up.

  2. Awesome! I love seeing what other quilters are making! I love that house quilt too, it reminds me of one that J’s Grandma made! Hers has forest greens in it, but I love how it looks like a neighborhood! πŸ™‚

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