Wordless Wednesday ~ 30 May 2012

Sierra Valley, CA

Sierra Valley, CA

Sierra Valley, CA

Sierra Valley, CA

On the search for the perfect E-reader cover case

I have a Nook Simple Touch and have been on the lookout for the perfect cover case/cozy to make for it.

Last night I finished sewing (well, I still have to add a button snap) a pattern by Java House Quilts, and while I’m happy with how it made up…it’s just not “perfect” for my Nook. Big sigh. It’s sort of lop-sided in weight. I like the pocket for the eye glasses, but, as I said, the weight distribution is off.

For this attempt I used Westminster, Free Spirit House Designer’s CAIMAN fabric that I bought at Hawthorne Threads. Beautiful fabric!

My next pattern to try is Whistlepig Creek Production’s #1203 E-Cozy E-reader Cover and Carrying Case. I may have to try their E-Cozy Palooza too.

Have you made anything for your e-reader or iPad that you truly LOVE? If so, let me know as I’m whiling to get it a whirl!




Wordless Wednesday ~ Views from the Featherbed Railroad Boat Dock









Lake County, California Quilt Trail

Before heading over to our Clear Lake’s Featherbed Railroad Caboose stay I goggled for things to do and saw Lake County had a QUILT TRAIL! How cool is that?! I’d like to go back in September during the Pear Festival and get pictures of all of them.

I printed out the map and crossed my fingers that I could find them along the way.

I saw two of them…with my head swiveling and the car going 55 mph. Big sigh. Those were the Grape Basket in Glenhaven and the Tulip in Lucerne.

Here is what I did find ~

In Kelseyville (where most of them are!) I found 4 while walking around a few blocks on Main Street.

Martha’s Vineyard on the Wildhurst Vineyard Tasting Room.


Around the Corner on the Lake Family Resource Center.


Berries and Blossoms on the second floor of LuLu’s Ice Cream Cafe next to the Studebakers Grocery.


My favorite ~ Blazing Sun on The Brick Tavern established in 1872.


Just north of Kelseyville on both sides of 29 ~

Square in a Square on the Hill Creek Ranch barn, the ranch grows organic Sauvignon Blanc grapes and olives.


Full Blown Rose on an 100 year old hay barn on an early Kelseyville pioneer ranch.

Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort ~ Nice, CA

My husband’s work gave him a “forced” day off with no pay last Friday. Since he hasn’t reached his 6 month probation (and no annual leave for a full year) they don’t consider him an employee yet, so they didn’t fly him back to the Grand Opening of their new North Carolina plant like the rest of the Sparks employees.

He didn’t want to stay in town, so I scoured our AAA California book and found a B&B with Cabooses! It’s not too far away, a four hour drive from Reno to Clear Lake. They had one caboose vacant for Friday and Saturday so we talked it over and booked it.

Featherbed Railroad B&B…our hosts were Peggy and Tony Barthel, very nice people. Peggy’s a great cook and Tony is loaded with information on what to do around the area. There are nine cabooses set on beautiful green grounds with the lake just across the way…and their own dock.

Our caboose was the TropiCaboose…but I just called it the Jimmy Buffett Caboose. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Bright and breezy, very relaxing. The caboose is the oldest one they have, it was commissioned on the Southern Pacific during the Great Depression. It has a cupola that I loved climbing up to read.

Today I’ll be posting pictures of our caboose and the grounds.


Looking out at Clear Lake


What’s Your Favorite Handmade Soap Scent?

A couple of friends and I are busy making up things for an undetermined craft fair (later in the year)…I’m quilting, sewing, printing photographs, and will be making cold-process soap.

Put an order into Brambleberry and received my oils, butters, and lye (figured I can buy olive and sunflower oil here in town).

What’s your favorite smellies for soap?

HINT HINT…I like to make Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Peppermint, and Lavender. But was wondering what other people liked.

For Today ~ 14 May 2012 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 14 May 2012.

Outside My Window… Blue sky, trees blowing in the wind, birds feeding on the feeders, water truck spraying to keep construction dust down, God awful Scottish broom blooming.

I am thinking… I probably shouldn’t have hoed and dug in the backyard so much over the weekend…I killed my hands again. Taking lots of advil. But…I now have two garden boxes made out of recycled fencing materials (even the screws!). And most of the weeds are hoed out of that section where the fence was pushed back.

I am thankful for… Kitty hugs in the morning.

From the kitchen… more like bbq’ing from the back patio. Last night was New York steaks, mushrooms, and asparagus…tonight is bbq’d pork chops and a salad.

I am wearing… cropped tan pants, brown tshirt, and sketchers sandals.

I am creating… I’ve pushed the Nevada quilt aside, lost my mojo on it. I tried a new pattern (from the Zakka Style book) for a sewing kit, already have plans to “redesign” it.

I also have some fabric cut out and ready to make an e-reader holder/clutch…another new pattern to try.

I am going… to have to figure out what type of smellies to make some cold processed soaps. I should be getting my oils, butters and lye in the post soon!

I am reading… I just finished all five Percy Jackson books and am rereading the first book of the Heroes of Olympus series, The Lost Hero. Then will move onto the second, The Son of Neptune.

I am hoping… That the bloody phone stops ringing.

I am hearing… Coughing from upstairs, heavy high heel walking out in the hallway, traffic.

Around the house… floor needs vacuuming and the beets need weeding.

One of my favorite things… turning brown after being pasty all winter. 🙂 And painting my toenails with Del Sol nail polish. I have Surfer Girl on my fingernails and Sun Kissed on my toes.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Play around with new sewing patterns, plant more seeds (gotta get the cucumbers in), pray for Mr. Stripey, the tomato plant…he didn’t take to transplanting very well. Oh yes, also have to cut up my charms for the Denyse Schmidt Charm swap.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

My Sugar Snap Peas