Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort ~ Nice, CA

My husband’s work gave him a “forced” day off with no pay last Friday. Since he hasn’t reached his 6 month probation (and no annual leave for a full year) they don’t consider him an employee yet, so they didn’t fly him back to the Grand Opening of their new North Carolina plant like the rest of the Sparks employees.

He didn’t want to stay in town, so I scoured our AAA California book and found a B&B with Cabooses! It’s not too far away, a four hour drive from Reno to Clear Lake. They had one caboose vacant for Friday and Saturday so we talked it over and booked it.

Featherbed Railroad B&B…our hosts were Peggy and Tony Barthel, very nice people. Peggy’s a great cook and Tony is loaded with information on what to do around the area. There are nine cabooses set on beautiful green grounds with the lake just across the way…and their own dock.

Our caboose was the TropiCaboose…but I just called it the Jimmy Buffett Caboose. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Bright and breezy, very relaxing. The caboose is the oldest one they have, it was commissioned on the Southern Pacific during the Great Depression. It has a cupola that I loved climbing up to read.

Today I’ll be posting pictures of our caboose and the grounds.


Looking out at Clear Lake


4 thoughts on “Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort ~ Nice, CA

  1. Okay, that is just too stinkin’ cool! I can just picture you in your little reading perch. šŸ™‚ I love your room too… so glad that’s the one you wound up in!

    I should look for something like that here… I know of similar accomodations in other states. I love the idea since you get the cozy factor and breakfast of a B&B, but having your own detached space eliminates fears of heavy-footed and inconsiderate guests around you. šŸ™‚

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