Lake County, California Quilt Trail

Before heading over to our Clear Lake’s Featherbed Railroad Caboose stay I goggled for things to do and saw Lake County had a QUILT TRAIL! How cool is that?! I’d like to go back in September during the Pear Festival and get pictures of all of them.

I printed out the map and crossed my fingers that I could find them along the way.

I saw two of them…with my head swiveling and the car going 55 mph. Big sigh. Those were the Grape Basket in Glenhaven and the Tulip in Lucerne.

Here is what I did find ~

In Kelseyville (where most of them are!) I found 4 while walking around a few blocks on Main Street.

Martha’s Vineyard on the Wildhurst Vineyard Tasting Room.


Around the Corner on the Lake Family Resource Center.


Berries and Blossoms on the second floor of LuLu’s Ice Cream Cafe next to the Studebakers Grocery.


My favorite ~ Blazing Sun on The Brick Tavern established in 1872.


Just north of Kelseyville on both sides of 29 ~

Square in a Square on the Hill Creek Ranch barn, the ranch grows organic Sauvignon Blanc grapes and olives.


Full Blown Rose on an 100 year old hay barn on an early Kelseyville pioneer ranch.

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