For Today ~ 04 August 2012 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 04 August 2012.

Outside My Window… Smoke. Lots of smoke from a fire up in California.

I am thinking… It’s been awhile since I’ve done a daybook post. Well, any post for that matter. We’ve moved. Living next-door to a four generation household and the VA Hospital was a little too much. It’s extremely quiet next to the river. 🙂 Can’t wait for it to be fall so I can make a real wood fire in the fire place.

I am thankful for… my mother-in-law taking Luna (she’s Sheba now). They are a perfect fit. They love each other very much.

From the kitchen… We have $35 in coupons at a local hotel/casino, we’re going out. 🙂

I am wearing… cropped tan pants, olive green shirt, and sketchers sandals.

I am creating… I’m still unpacking, so not creating anything right now.

I am going… off the rails on a crazy train. 🙂 Speaking of trains! At our new place we get to listen to the trains go by again! WoooooWooooo.

I am reading… Dang it all to heck it my Nook’s battery went dead last night right when I was already to snuggle into bed with it! I’m on the second story in Mary Downing Hahn’s Haunting Tales ~ All The Lovely Bad Ones.

I am hoping… That I have a nice quiet work week a head of me…one of the labs is off to Calgary for a conference. 🙂

I am hearing… the a/c unit…that’s about it.

Around the house… Still have boxes here and there. Need to set up my sewing station. Put my fabric away.

One of my favorite things… Right now it’s sitting on the balcony (it’s cooler along the river in the evenings).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Finish unpacking. Go to a movie. I have my fingers crossed for Pyramid Lake.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… Part of our balcony (we have our table out there now…so no tv tray there).

Our place is behind the trees ~

7 thoughts on “For Today ~ 04 August 2012 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

    • It’s actually a condo (2 bedroom 2 bath with garage and wood burning fire place) next to the Truckee River in SW Reno. We are LOVING the area…nice and quiet. I took all my herbs and pepper plants along with some flowers. 🙂

  1. Well, surprise and congratulations! It looks lovely. Do they have any more vacancies? 🙂

    My biggest complaint about my Kindle is its constant need for power and my frequently forgetting that–and then it dies in the middle of a paragraph. Argh. Otherwise love it.

    Enjoy your new place!!! I’m in envy.


  2. I am so very happy and excited for you guys on this move. But you knew that! Just so very beautiful and ideal in a lot of ways. Close to the river AND you can hear the trains? Sounds like your idea of heaven. 🙂 Welcome home, my friend!

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