Farmer’s Wife Quilt Update ~ two more blocks finished

Finally getting back to hand-piecing a few blocks of my Farmer’s Wife quilt after setting it aside to make the Nevada quilt and to move.

With the new place unpacked, and most of my fabrics back on the book-case, I pulled out the ziplock baggies that I had 3 blocks all cut out waiting to be pieced.

Contrary Wife ~ Block 21

Hill & Valley ~ Block 46

Am working on Cut Glass Dish, Block 26, right now…lots and lots and lots of tiny triangles, a bugger to hand-stitch, especially when you have cts in your right hand. I was going to save it for last, but am going to just get it over with! 🙂

I’m using Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley fabric line, Kona solids, and Moda Bella solids to make the quilt

Eight and 1/3 blocks down…102-2/3 blocks to go!


About sleepycathollow

I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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6 Responses to Farmer’s Wife Quilt Update ~ two more blocks finished

  1. I love these patterns, and your tiny triangle work is beautiful!!

  2. garden2day says:

    I love your blocks!

  3. Is my math correct – 111 hand stitched blocks? I’m sure there’s treatment available for that. If you happen to need inspiration rather than therapy you might want to take a look at I’ve been following Heike’s progress with her Farmer’s Wife blocks and it’s looking like her finished quilt is going to be stunning.

    • Yesireebob! 111 6.5″ blocks! HEY! Are you calling me crazy?! LOL!

      Oh! I love her color scheme. My friend, April, has ditched her first attempt and decided to use 1930’s reproduction fabrics.

  4. Looking very good, girlie!

  5. Lennette says:

    They’re beautiful Michelle!!!

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