Another Quilt Top Finished Waiting to be Quilted

I’ve had a very lovely Brother Innov-IS NX-800 at Windy Moon Quilts waiting for me to pay her off and take her home. With the help of my dearest friend, APRIL, and me penny-pinching since February, I should be able to bring her home next week!

Brother's Laura Ashley's Innov-IS NX-800

Brother’s Laura Ashley’s Innov-IS NX-800

Which is a good thing as I have FOUR quilt tops that I’ve pieced on my wonderful work-horse, the Singer 301 Long Bed. While I love piecing quilts with the 301, I don’t like quilting with it.

Singer 301 - Mocha Long Bed

Singer 301 – Mocha Long Bed

I finished my latest quilt top last night. I had a lot of 1930 reproduction feed sack fabric squares leftover from the WONKY STAR quilt along so I decided to make them into HST’s (half square triangles).

Diamond/Square Dance

Diamond/Square Dance

I’m just calling it a diamond pattern, but I’ve seen it called Square Dance too. Fun and easy to make. I’ve lots more HST’s left to make another quilt top, been looking at my PINTEREST quilt board trying to decide which design to use next.

Just one more picture to throw at you ~ my quilting partner, Lucy, plumb tuckered out from helping me arrange the HST on the design board.



3 thoughts on “Another Quilt Top Finished Waiting to be Quilted

  1. Well my friend, without you, I’d never have thought I could try quilting and crafting things, and learning to do so has made me SO happy LOL! Anything I can do to help you get that gorgeous machine home is small repayment indeed. 😀

    LOVE that top, those fabrics. Nice!

    Kisses and belly rubs to Miss Lucy!

    P.S. I think that picture of the 301, mug and 30s fabrics, would make a great card. Really nice shot!

  2. The quilt top is gorgeous Michelle!! Yay for being able to bring home your new toy soon!!! Lucy is such a doll!!!

  3. Hi! Just wanted to say that I stumbled upon your blog when looking for reviews for the Baby Lock Melody and I feel like I found an old friend 🙂 I live in Reno too and am also a quilter, I love all of your photos of the area and your quilts are beautiful!! Will be following your blog for sure, I can’t wait to see what you come up with when your new machine arrives!


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