Rant – Sierra Adventures in Reno, Nevada

Ok…going to take a few moments and bitch.

Sierra Adventures in downtown Reno…they share a store front in the Riverside Theatre building on North Sierra Street facing the Truckee River. They rent bikes, rafts/tubes, and kayaks.

Sunday, August 31st, we went to the first showing of Ghostbusters (30-Year Anniversary). Movie got out about 1:15’ish. As we come out I see a bus, loaded with tubes and rafts, parked on Sierra between the movies and Campo. Walk down the stairs to the walk and start heading west, next thing I know a guy is not two feet from me and blows his red whistle in my left ear (which is still draining fluid today) and screamed for a couple, who was still at their shop front, to “get the hell on the bus now because we’re leaving”.

First urge was to grab his whistle from his neck and shove it down his throat. But he was already half way back to his bus. So I cursed a blue streak at him. REALLY?! YOU BLOW THAT DAMNED WHISTLE WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND YOU????

Great way to run your business, ASSHOLE!! You blow out a local’s ear AND scream at paying customers.

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