Weekend at St. Mary Louise Hospital, Virginia City, NV


St. Mary’s Hospital (Arts Center), looking down Six Mile Canyon with Sugarloaf to the left.

Spent two nights at the old haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital, now an arts and retreat center, with 18 friends and new friends.  After everyone arrived and claimed their rooms, we had a pizza dinner with cast iron s’mores for dessert. We then all went to the third floor’s conference room for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  Haven’t laughed that hard in ages, felt great. Spent the rest of the night into the morning investigating the building. Saturday I made eggs and bacon for everyone then we all went our seperate ways…some to Carson City other up the hill to roam around Virginia City. We all met back up at the Washoe Club then back to the St. Mary’s for a lasagna dinner and more investigating. After cleaning up after ourselves those of us still there had breakfast at The Palace, then we parted ways until our next meet-up.

2016-01-08 14.45.16

Built in 1875 as a Catholic Hospital ran by the Daughters of Charity until 1897, then as a County Hospital until 1940’s.

Woke up to freezing fog on both Saturday and Sunday, the rest of the post are photographs from around the property.

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