A Different View of Virginia City, Nevada

Since I always take my camera with me wherever I go, and we go to Virginia City quite a lot…I decided to focus in on parts of buildings instead of the whole kit-n-kaboodle. 🙂 Photos taken on our Saturday, 28 Jan 2012, drive on up to V.C.

As always, please click on the photo for a larger view.

Cast Iron Columns at Virginia City, NV ~ 28 Jan 2012

Well, actually they are the tops of the cast iron columns that are throughout Virginia City. Not exactly sure what you would call them. I’ve always loved them…

Old Christmas ornaments and Pixlr-o-Matic Photo Editing

Playing again with the Pixlr-o-Matic photo editing app…sorry, just can’t stop.

This angel bell is my very first Christmas ornament, 45 years ago, at five months of age.

The next two are old ornaments I’ve collected…one is glass and the other is one of 12 wooden candles covered in colored tin sleeves.

Elgin Open-Faced Pocket Watch used on SPRR

My Father-in-Law died at the beginning of this year, he was a retired Engineer with the Southern Pacific Railroad (44 years). Earlier this week my husband’s mom asked him over to go over two pocket watches that his dad used on the railroad. He is hoping one day to get his Great-Grandfather’s pocket watch, but she’s not ready to part with that yet which is wholly understandable!

This is the one he picked out ~ while I’m not sure it can be considered a true railroad pocket watch, as it does not quite meet the requirements below…my FIL did use it on the railroad. 🙂 Well worn watch!

The General Railroad Timepiece Standards were adopted by most railroads in 1893. They had to meet the following standards:

A railroad watch had to be open faced, size 16 or 18, have a minimum of 17 jewels, adjusted to at least five positions, keep time accurately to within 30 seconds a week, adjusted to temps of 34 to 100 degrees F. have a double roller, steel escape wheel, lever set, regulator, winding stem at 12 o’clock, and have bold black arabic numerals on a white dial, with black hands.

It’s an Open-faced Elgin ~

Serial number: 21500078
Year 1918
Grade 317
Class 106
Size 18
15 Jewels

The case is Fahys Montauk Guaranteed 20 Years. From research online I found that “The Fahys Montauk case is a gold-filled case, 15-year if made up to March 1898, 20-year if made thereafter.”

1951 Singer 301 ~ My Newest Sewing Machine

Last week my newest sewing machine came…the one to replace my beloved Janome 6500, RIP.

My dear friend, April, was able to negotiate the deal for me with an eBay seller, niftythriftgirl, over the weekend the Genoa Candy Dance was on (I don’t have internet access at home…nor when I’m out and about 🙂 ) She bought it and I paid for it…a week or so later my pretty little mocha Singer was at my door step.

She’s a Singer 301 Sewing Machine ~ Mocha ~ Long Bed ~ Feed Dog Drop ~ Slant Shank for improved needle visibility ~ Light Weight (about 5 pounds more than the Feather Weight) ~ Comes with a great carrying case ~ Gear Driven…no belts ~ Built-in Fold down Handle ~ Front Mounted light ~ Great for Quilters with the free-motion capability.

I’m really happy with this machine! Extremely happy with the seller and the awesome packaging job they did.




I have a 1951 Singer 99-13 for sale should anyone want it! $75 if you’re in the Reno-Sparks area. Works great, comes with original wooden dome carrying case & key, foot pedal, and some of it’s attachments, bobbins, and footsies.


New Canning Cabinet ~ Thanks, Dad!

I bought myself a “new” cabinet that I put into the north facing enclosed porch…it’s housing all of my canning jars, jams & jellies (and soon to be veggies), and some of the older jars that I’ve gotten from mine and my husband’s grandmas.

There are 3 shelves…two with glass bottoms. There is a light in it too…only I have a really old house and there is only one outlet out there, umm two outlets. One in the icebox/laundry room and one next to the double cast iron sinks…both on the other side of the room. 😦

It’s missing the front glass panels, but the lady I got it from has them and I’ll pick them up next week when she gets back from the east coast. But I may find some metal/tin and punch a design in it like the old pie safes. It’s very blue…not sure what color I’ll repaint it. Seems I have a lot of sage green and jadite green in my kitchen area…maybe one of those. I’m fond of barn red too.

Pretty cool for $45, no?! A couple of ladies were rearranging their booth at a local antique mall and she wanted the cabinet out so she could put up a differernt display piece. I said MINE MINE MINE! My dad sent me some money for my upcoming birthday…this is what I bought myself! Had some leftover for dinner and margaritas at Chevy’s for my husband & I.

Hardware to hold the glass panes in…

Hinge hardware…I’m thinking of cleaning off the paint so the metal is showing…or painting ithem black.

Wooden Cylinder Butter Churn ~ Rummage Sale Find

After buying my garden vegetables at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant Sale, I went home and waited for my husband to get out of bed so we could go to yard sales. I noticed a whole bunch of them while taking my mom home.

These are my finds from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church rummage sale and the Sierra Royal Community yard sale, both in Sparks, NV.

Is this cool or what? Especially for $1 ~ The inside paddles are still intact and the handle turns the paddles. It’s missing a few wooden spoke thingies (? LOL!) top lid, and one leg/rest. It will look good outside. I may spray it with a wood sealer.



Found a 1940’s Scovil Hoe that was made in Japan. Trying to find a handle…but everything is too small. Even the post hole handles.



Also found a few books ~ one published the same date as when my house was built, 1915. The other in 1946.