Just Because…

Am taking Friday off to head down to Gardnerville…just for the heck of it…because it’s supposed to be sunny…because I just found out about a quilt shop (The Quilt House) down there that I had no clue about…because my husband has to take a recertification class on Saturday and it’s gonna rain/snow on Sunday.

Am very much looking forward to Saturday! I get to play with wire and beads…without my husband being home! Maybe I’ll head over to G&G Nursery and Rail City Garden Ceter too. And maybe muddle-through more of the crocheting round dish/wash cloths.

I’ve finished six square cloths…two round ones, at least they’re sorta round. I still don’t quite comprehend crochet speak.

Here is one I finished at lunch today…and the start of another.

Wishing everyone a great weekend ~

For Today ~ 26 January 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 26 January 2009

Outside My Window… Grey sky…snowing. Looks like a bit of wind too as the snow is sorta horizontal. Construction workers so bundled up they look like Randy from The Christmas Story. Hope that they have on some woolies under all of that.

I am thinking… I want to garden. Wish I had a diet Mt. Dew. Or a cup of hot chocolate. I still have to book a flight for a student interview. What the heck is that noise that is coming from down the hall?!

I am thankful for… for my space heater under my desk…it’s keeping my tootsies nice and warm.

From the kitchen… Will be chicken tacos. Was honey/mustard/garlic marinade chicken with steamed broccoli.

I am wearing… blue jeans, tennies, and a black turtleneck and a necklace made by safarisister on etsy…we bartered, her lovely jewelry for my soaps.

I am creating… an afghan using a new crochet stitch I taught myself on Saturday…using the yarn I started making a scarf with…the one that could have wrapped up four necks. ROFL!

I am going… to bundle up real soon as I have to take some paper work down to Admissions & Records.

I am reading… Merle.

I am hoping… that I don’t wish a pox onto our Governor…it’s real tempting at the moment.

I am hearing… the air system…it sounds like the ceiling is getting ready for take-off.

Around the house… I cleaned outside in between the rain and snow storms. Put more mulch on top of the garden. Cleaned up after the birds out front…they are very messy eaters. And cleaned out the spent fall flowers.

One of my favorite things… my space heater.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… learn more crochet stitches. Plan my garden.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Flower Frogs I bought at an Estate Sale this Saturday for $2.25 ~


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Learning new Crochet Stitches ~ Clusters & Popcorn

Spent late afternoon Saturday teaching myself new crochet stitches from the book A to Z of Crochet ~ The Ultimate Guide for the Beginner (me) to Advanced Crocheter.

I know the single, double, half double, treble stitches…and now I’m pretty confident I know the Clusters stitch using double stitches, semi-confident about the Popcorn stitch. I’ve got the Popcorn stitch down pat going one direction, but it’s the return direction that has me fretting.

My progress on the Cluster Stitch ~ I would think it would make an excellent afghan.

Now onto the Popcorn stitch…first I made a single chain and then back again with a single stitch. Then I started the popcorn stitches…at first I skipped a stitch, popcorn stitch, then instead of skipping a stitch to start the next popcorn, I put it into the very next stitch. WRONG! LOL! I did half with the single stitches and then half with skipping a stitch. The skipping stitches turned out much better. So I started over again. Turned out great. Then it said to do a row of either a single stitch, half double, or double before starting the popcorn stitches again. This is where I faltered. Going back the stitches are doubled…so do I put in single stitches or two single stitches to every stitch? I’ll keep playing with this one until I’m more comfortable with it. Not really sure what you’d make with this stitch…I guess it would make a very cute hat.