For Today ~ 26 January 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 26 January 2009

Outside My Window… Grey sky…snowing. Looks like a bit of wind too as the snow is sorta horizontal. Construction workers so bundled up they look like Randy from The Christmas Story. Hope that they have on some woolies under all of that.

I am thinking… I want to garden. Wish I had a diet Mt. Dew. Or a cup of hot chocolate. I still have to book a flight for a student interview. What the heck is that noise that is coming from down the hall?!

I am thankful for… for my space heater under my desk…it’s keeping my tootsies nice and warm.

From the kitchen… Will be chicken tacos. Was honey/mustard/garlic marinade chicken with steamed broccoli.

I am wearing… blue jeans, tennies, and a black turtleneck and a necklace made by safarisister on etsy…we bartered, her lovely jewelry for my soaps.

I am creating… an afghan using a new crochet stitch I taught myself on Saturday…using the yarn I started making a scarf with…the one that could have wrapped up four necks. ROFL!

I am going… to bundle up real soon as I have to take some paper work down to Admissions & Records.

I am reading… Merle.

I am hoping… that I don’t wish a pox onto our Governor…it’s real tempting at the moment.

I am hearing… the air system…it sounds like the ceiling is getting ready for take-off.

Around the house… I cleaned outside in between the rain and snow storms. Put more mulch on top of the garden. Cleaned up after the birds out front…they are very messy eaters. And cleaned out the spent fall flowers.

One of my favorite things… my space heater.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… learn more crochet stitches. Plan my garden.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Flower Frogs I bought at an Estate Sale this Saturday for $2.25 ~


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Perpetual Plum ~ My Friend, The Artist

I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing Sue, Perpetual Plum, on-line for many years ~ and a greater pleasure of meeting her and her lovely family for a day when they passed through Nevada on vacation.

She is an artist that recycles and repurposes items into beautiful artwork.

I’m just all ah’giddy as I received a package from her out of the blue yesterday! Inside was a grouping of Christmas Ornaments that she has been making. I absoultely love the red mica trees and the wire wrapped light bulbs…the altered domino is beautiful too.

If you are looking for the PERFECT recycled art Gift ~ then go visit Sue at her ETSY SHOP ~ Unique Re-tiques ~ Recycled Art, Art and Craft Supplies for the Recycled Artist, Crafter and Art Lover. HURRY! Go SHOPPING!

Here are some of her gifts on my Feather Tree here at work…

Weekend Ramblings ~ jams, knotting, and a movie

While my husband was down in Carson City helping some friends move, I pulled out the mangos and jalapenos for a jam session! 😉

OMGosh! I made some AWESOME jam, if I say so myself!

I peeled and cut up 8 large mangos; roasted, peeled and diced 10 jalapenos (both green and red, wanted some color) and 2 Hatch green chiles; added some sugar and pectin and boiled away. I got 9 half-pint jars out of the batch with 1/2 cup leftover that I devoured with some Wheat Thins.

Here is the makings for my next batch of jam ~ Margarita Jam! I’ll have to have a shot for good luck. 8)

Smashed 5-1/2 cups of strawberries for another batch of jam I have planned ~ Strawberry Daiquiri jam. Need to get a small bottle of rum for that one. Don’t drink rum, so I do not have any on hand in the house.

I finished the shark’s tooth necklace and started in on another necklace for the other kiddo. Not sure who is getting which one, so I made them both beach themed. I had a 1″ round handmade bead (I can’t remember who made it! I think it’s off of etsy) with a sea turtle…so I knotted 20-pound hemp into a spiral necklace.

Finally saw Wall-E that was showing at the Grand Sierra ($3 movies) yesterday afternoon. I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who was tearing up over that silly little animated robot when he didn’t recognize Eve at first. Sheesh. And I absolutely loved the wee cleaning robot! LOL!

Autumn Felted Wool Wall Hanging ~ Pumpkins, Saltbox House & Cat

Been working on a remake of a wall hanging I made over 5 years ago for someone who contacted me through my webshot album.   I had seen an outside flag with a design sorta like what I made from a catalog many years ago ~

Here is what my original piece looked like.

And the following are pictures of the new one being put together. I’ve been using hand-dyed wool that I’ve bought off of etsy and ebay over the years. I use the blanket/buttonhole stitch, satin stitch and running stitch.

Me working while watching DA BILLS beat the Colts. 🙂 FOOTBALL! I love football. Especially my Buffalo Bills.

I should have it finished this weekend. All I need to do is add the falling fall leaves and some more swirls then attach it to the backing wool.

Smokey Sky, Garden Pictures, and an Early Birthday Gift!

Well…it’s summer time! The Truckee Meadows is being socked-in by all the smoke from the wildfires in northern California and the Pyramid Lake area. While I’m wheezing and coughing a bit…it makes for a lovely sunrise. These were taken this morning when I got to work around 5:45 am.

Peas are growing! Pulling pretty colored radishes. And that wee yellow squash doubled in size by the time I got home yesterday…it has a very pretty squash blossom on it now. Will take a picture of that tonight.

I bought a VERY CUTE button bracelet for my niece from a friend on Etsy. And in the box she also sent an early birthday present (mine isn’t until July)! It’s a bracelet I was teasing her about ~ “now that I’m all tanned from working out in the yard that bracelet you made sure would look pretty on me!” 🙂 Sure enough! It’s very pretty! It was wrapped up in a wooden box covered with Detroit Red Wings stickers! HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you Donna! You are a sweetie! I hope you sell lots in your etsy store!

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That….

First off ~ this is for Blazedanielle! I’m still not sure about your clematis, but I thumbed through that Terrific Garden Tonic book and found these tidbits that may help. I also noticed that some late blooming clematis are supposed to be trimmed back to 8″…but I’m not sure about your dry roots. Hopefully these two tonics may help.

Clematis Chow

Grandma Putt grew truly magnificent clematis, thanks to the Clematis Chow she developed especially for it. This mixture helps keep clematis roots MOIST, well-fed, and luxuriating in soil that always has a near-neutral pH.

Mix these ingredients in a wheelbarrow:

5 gal. of well-cured horse or cow manure
1/2 cup lime (leave out if your soil is already on the alkaline side)
1/2 cup bone meal

Spread the mixture over the root zone of your clematis first thing in the spring. Then add a rich mulch of half-rotted compost to make sure the soil stays cool and moist. Follow up with my Royal Clematis Cocktail for a real boost to your blooming beauties.

Royal Clematis Cocktail

1 can of beer (ugh…this one always kills me. I have to run to the store for bud or coors as my plants are NOT getting my Sierra Nevada or Guinness!)
4 TBSP of ammonia
2 TBSP of fish emulsion
2 TBSP of baby shampoo
Warm Water

Mix the beer, ammonia, fish emulsion, and shampoo in a 2-gallon watering can, filling the balance of the can with warm water. Pour the solution around the roots of your clematis every tree weeks throughout the growing season.

Next…iTunes Radio! OMGosh! My sister called me to ask if I had iTunes on my computer here at work…sure! “Go to iTunes Radio and click on Atlantic Sound Factory…he’s going to be playing the new Coldplay cd you want to buy!” Atlantic Sound Factory ~ 40 Years of Great Music from the USA & UK.

The Atlantic Sound Factory internet radio station is licensed by LoudCity and is not for-profit. This station is 100% listener supported.

Playing carefully selected tracks by UK and US artists from the 1970s to today, ASF Radio provides both broadband and dialup audio, and is currently available on iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp radio station listings under Classic Rock.

Thanks to all the supporters who make it possible for ASF Radio to stay on the air.

I’ve listened to INXS, Scorpions, Laura Branigan (Gloria HAHAHAHAHA), Talk Talk, Crystal Gayle, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Gordon Lightfoot, Sara Melson…no Coldplay yet. 🙂 Great station…am singing lots this morning. May have to make the $10 donation to keep him going. His weekly SCHEDULE ~

YEAH!!! Coldplay just came on….am going to go buy the new cd at lunch today. My favorite of their albums is A Rush of Blood to the Head.

I read in the Reno Gazette-Journal that there is a Reno Photo Club…I did not know that. LOL! I should grab my sister one of those meeting nights and go.

The Reno Photo Club meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays
and last Friday of each month, January thru June, and September thru November
from 7:30 to 9:30 PM.

The meeting place is the Classic Residence
3201 Plumas Street in Reno, Nevada.

Guests are always welcome!

I love to read and when out at yard sales I’m ALWAYS buying up books…much to my husband’s dismay. (He’s had to move way too many of my books and rocks during our many moves…mumbling under his breath why can’t I collect something light weight?!)

Anyhoo…the next book on the pile to read was Janette Oke’s A Bride for Donnigan. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it’s actually quite good. Was crying last night…good grief. It’s a quick read, three nights max…before you go to sleep.