Ferrari Farm’s Pumpkin Patch ~ Reno, NV ~ October 2012

Ferrari Farm’s pumpkin patch, corn maze, big ole pumpkin bounce house, corn stalks, and hay rides are in full-swing now! I love how they set it up this year…lots more parking and a bit more compact. They’re open on Mon-Thurs from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm; Fri-Sat from 9:30 am to 10 pm; and Sunday from 9:30 to 6 pm. 4701 Mill Street, between Rock and McCarran.

Sierra Valley Barns

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you’ll know one of my favorite places to be is up in Sierra Valley, California. It was a beautiful Saturday (3 March 2012) so we packed the cribbage board and horseshoes and off we went to Portola, Loyalton, Sierraville, Vinton, and Chilcoot.

Here are a few of the barns out in the valley ~ and one house ~ all photographs were taken on March 3rd. I ran them through my Pixlr-o-matic photo editing app (mainly “old”, “metal”, “sand” and “scrap”).

Tuesday’s Rambles ~ 12 October 2010

YEA GIANTS!!!!!!!! What an awesome game last night guys!!!! Thanks Cody, you were AWESOME! Maddie! And Thank You BRIAN for that ‘I Can’t Watch the Ninth Inning!’…I was peeking through my fingers like I do on some horror films!



Two pictures…just because they make me smile! 🙂 Can’t remember, but I think they are Getty pictures.


Check out Blaze Bratcher’s new Store Front…she has some amazing watercolours! I’m saving my money up for the My Quilt II print. Blaze is a great artist ~ SUPPORT HER! 🙂


I made 3 quarts and 6 pints of Purple Tomatillo Salsa on Sunday while listening to game 3 of the Giants & Braves. My sister grew some tomatillos so I can make salsa for my BIL. 🙂 Has a nice purple tint to the salsa, eh? I used last years RECIPE, the one from New Mexico State University. Only this time I added some serrano peppers to the mix…and roasted the tomatillos and peppers before putting them through the food processor! 🙂


Sunday, after church, we drove over to Ferrari Farms along the Truckee River on Mill Street.

Isn’t she a cutie-patootie?


My two itty-bitty pumpkins I bought at Ferrari Farms…next to a bowl I painted a few years back.


Still stuck in a Nickelback groove…love the Dark Horse album. Where it says ‘Embedding disabled by request’ just click on Watch on Youtube. Love this song.


Empire Mine Historical Park in Grass Valley, CA.

Farm Fresh Eggs

My husband came home with a dozen of farm fresh eggs yesterday…his co-worker said she has happy chickens right now. 🙂


Pictorial Musings from WPRR & Ferrari Farms

Having a bad week…so today I’m going to just post some pictures. A few from up in Portola at the WPRR Museum and then some of last Saturday’s walk around Ferrari Farms in Reno.











Springtime in Northern Nevada with Thoughts of Gardening

I love northern Nevada…but springtime here can be a killer. She teases you with 70F one day and then drops the daytime temps to 46F the next. You just want to hug your trees that are full of ready to burst blossoms and tell them to HANG ON BABIES!

Weeping Cherry

Weeping Cherry

Wrapping your newly transplanted cool weather veggies with pine needles or straw so they can make through the 25F-32F nights. Big Sigh.

Me thinks I’m going to have to buy myelf some more herbs at the Master Gardener's Plant Sale in May…some of them didn’t make it through the last cold snap, and we’re having another tonight for a couple of days.

I’ve noticed lots of people looking at my posts of how to make yourself a raised garden bed ~ Here’s what mine ended up looking like…Finished Raised Garden Beds.


Thought I’d link you to a bunch of sites that are for us locally here in North Western Nevada…starting with Local Harvest: Real Food, Real Farmers, Real Community. I put in my zip of 89431…but it covers the Reno/Sparks, Sierra Valley, Truckee, Stagecoach Areas. You can just put in your Zip if you want something else. You can find Farms, Farmer’s Markets, Restaurants and Grocery Stores that sell/use locally produced veggies, fruits, diary and meats.

A list of LOCAL CSA's in our area. Including Reno, Silver Springs, Fallon, and Stagecoach.

The River School looks like a pretty cool place…an educational and event center that demonstrates a holistic approach to stustainable living. Organic Gardening.

Home Classes Workshops & Events Weddings & Parties Calendar Sustainable Practices Mayberry Farm Contact Photos Organic Gardening Series

Early Registration is now over but please drop in for the classes you would like to attend.

Winter & Spring Series
11 workshops, January 10th – May 23rd, 1 – 3 pm
Note: these are not consecutive Saturdays!!!

From planning to making compost to planting, this series will give you the know-how to create a vibrant and productive organic garden. We’ll take you through the following topics and offer expert advice from our years of organic growing experience:

•What is Organic? (1/10)
•Planning your Garden (3 parts: 1/24, 1/31, 2/7)
•Starting Seedlings – cool season crops (2/21)
•Pruning Fruit Trees, Shrubs & Grapes (3/7)
•Compost & Worms (3/21)
•Starting Seedlings – warm season crops (4/4)
•Soil & Beds (4/18)
•Raising Chickens (5/2)
•Planting your Garden (5/23)

Class just added: Garden & Tool Management (Sunday, 5/17 from 10-12pm)

$10/pp for all

Part of the River School is Mayberry Farm ~ Growing Organic Food in Reno, Nevada.

Mayberry Farm is a group of gardens and micro-farms throughout Reno, Nevada dedicated to growing organic foods and to sustainable living education. We are part of the effort to produce 20% of the Truckee Meadows food locally by the year 2020.

Workshop Programs at Mayberry Farm include Organic Micro Farm Series (Irrigation & Water Harvesting, Crop Planting & Seeding, Composting, Poultry Mangement, and Beekeeping). Green Building Workshop: The Pallet Chicken Coop.

University of Nevada, Cooperative Extension Office ~ Washoe County Calendar. There is a class coming up called Backyard Conservation Workshop taught by Leslie Allen. She’ll discuss methods and techniques of creating wildlife habitats in the home landscape with special focus on creating habitat for native pollinators and beneficial insects.

Earth Day is this coming Sunday ~ 19 April ~ don’t forget to go to Idlewild Park!

Community Gardens in Reno/Sparks area ~

Teglia's Paradise Park Community Garden
Yori Street/Libby Booth Garden
Mayberry Farm is in it’s early stages of making a garden plot on Valley Road between Sixth and Seventh Streets and are looking for other spaces to start…products raised will go to the Great Basing Community Food Co-op.

This is sort of an after thought … was checking out Craigslist and saw an ad called Got Polutry ~ I may have to check them out sometime as I’m still mulling over the idea of raising a couple of chickens for eggs.

Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers Association

Meet the Creatures of Grow For Me Sustainable Farm Tour ~ North of Reno, NV

I have been signed up a the Local Harvest website…and received an email about the tour a week ago, but just got it again this morning. Thought I’d pass the information along. I don’t think I can go this weekend, but it would be a great trip for any locals in the Reno/Sparks area! Great price for a lunch and some eggs!


Meet the Creatures of Grow For Me Sustainable Farm
Grow For Me Sustainable Farm -(Grow For Me) – (Reno, Nevada)

This is a reservation event limited to five (5) family groups each day so make your reservation early.

Our farm is located 25 minutes north of Reno, Nevada. We are within easy driving distance of most of the outlying areas including Sparks and Carson City – so come on, join the fun – no TV, no cell phones, no gameboys – a day designed just for you and your children!

This farm visit is an interactive petting tour beginning at 10:30 am and ending sometime around 12:30. It is appropriate for all aged children but geared for 2- 10 year olds, very small infants or newborns may be a distraction as we will require all the adults full attention to ensure a safety and a happy visit.

The children will see rare Jacob’s sheep and be able to pet the baby lambs, they will interact with the heirloom chickens and pet the black cochins, a very kid friendly chicken and extra silly with feathers on its feet! There will also be an encounter with the Jersey milk cow and a demonstration on how she is milked, and of course shorty the farm dog will be around to show everybody how to make sure all the other animals are doing their job -especially, zippy the wonder-goat who loves potato chips! Time permitting – the children will also get to interact with four horses – two are young former wild horses of Nevada. They have been adopted and are being trained to become excellent additions to the farm life.

You will need to contact the farm with either an email or phone number so we can ensure proper directions, procure the names of attendees, and be made aware of any food allergies. You will also be asked to sign a hold harmless agreement and farm rules paper so everyone has a great experience.

A shuttle to the farm from Bordertown is possible if prior arrangements are made.

An on farm sack lunch will be provided so pre payment is necessary and there will be no refunds.

The cost is 2.00 per family member including lunch. Each family will be also provided with a 1/2 doz. eggs to take home, seeds to plant in their own gardens and a small booklet with information about the farm and the animals. This is a walking tour so closed toed shoes and appropriate outer clothing is a must.

We think this is a great opportunity for children and their families to enjoy a beautiful setting, see up close and personal creatures that live on a farm, and learn something about their local environment. Bring your friends kids if you don’t have any – your grandchildren, or a child you think would enjoy the day.

Please purchase through our localharvest site catalog page or contact the farm directly for more information.

Start Date: Mar 28, 2009
End Date: Mar 29, 2009
Start Time: 10:30 AM
End Time: 12:30 PM

Organized by: Grow For Me Sustainable Farm -(Grow For Me)
Web site:

Address: 1400 Long Valley Road
Reno, NV 89508
Phone: 775-677-0636



The road to the farm is dirt approx. 2.7 miles -so please consider the car you are driving, there will be a sign saying Farm Day Turn Here –

395 North to the Bordertown Exit

Left over the highway at the stop sign

Right at the next stop sign toward the Bordertown Casino (by the way they have a great cafe for plain good food!)

Pass the casino to the next stop sign. Continue driving North following the horseshoe over the railroad tracks (sounds like the beginnings of a country western song?)

You are now driving South on Long Valley Road -stay on the lower dirt road. You will continue south until you come to a crossroads Long Valley Rd/Green Gulch Ranch Rd.

Go through the stop sign staying on Long Valley Rd. You will then come to a small bend in the road on the right is a large hay barn and alfalfa field – look immediately after crossing the creek bed to the left and you will see the Farm Day sign, turn left here go up the road and park across from the the large faded blue barn.