Weekend at St. Mary Louise Hospital, Virginia City, NV


St. Mary’s Hospital (Arts Center), looking down Six Mile Canyon with Sugarloaf to the left.

Spent two nights at the old haunted St. Mary Louise Hospital, now an arts and retreat center, with 18 friends and new friends.  After everyone arrived and claimed their rooms, we had a pizza dinner with cast iron s’mores for dessert. We then all went to the third floor’s conference room for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  Haven’t laughed that hard in ages, felt great. Spent the rest of the night into the morning investigating the building. Saturday I made eggs and bacon for everyone then we all went our seperate ways…some to Carson City other up the hill to roam around Virginia City. We all met back up at the Washoe Club then back to the St. Mary’s for a lasagna dinner and more investigating. After cleaning up after ourselves those of us still there had breakfast at The Palace, then we parted ways until our next meet-up.

2016-01-08 14.45.16

Built in 1875 as a Catholic Hospital ran by the Daughters of Charity until 1897, then as a County Hospital until 1940’s.

Woke up to freezing fog on both Saturday and Sunday, the rest of the post are photographs from around the property.

Funny Fish Tale ~ Pyramid Lake

North Wino Beach, Pyramid Lake.

North Wino Beach, Pyramid Lake.

My husband’s friend, Pedro, will soon be moving to Arizona and Pedro still hasn’t gone fishing out at Pyramid Lake…so they loaded up the truck yesterday and went.

I texted my friend, Reva, who has fished out there, and she suggested Wino Beach since they don’t have ladders or a boat. The two of them used mine and Lee’s poles, which have been sitting in the back of the truck for at least two years without any use (yes, I know…shameful). IE: the line was probably pretty brittle.

Lee’s first cast out was beautiful, I was told, and my nice, pretty lure made an awesome arc…and never came back.

I was told it was an offering to the Pyramid Lake Fish Gods.

I’m not buying it.

After about 15 minutes of laughing so hard that my face hurt, I told him he’s buying me a new lure.

Coming Home to Mill House Inn ~ A Quilt

I finished a quilt last night that I thought I’d share.

Back in March a few friends and I had a craft day, while they beaded I worked on a small quilt. I brought with me a charm pack of Mill House Inn by Fig Tree Co. and Camille Roskelley’s book Simplify, Quilts for the Modern Home. I chose the Coming Home pattern…real sweet and simple.

One of those friends wanted to buy the quilt, so I dug out yardage of Mill House Inn that I had bought eons ago…added a border and finished it up. It’s washed, picked up, and on her way to her new home.

Luckily I have another charm pack and lots of yardage to make myself one.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

Coming Home with Mill House Inn fabric.

A Wednesday Round-up ~ It’s been a while!

Wow…it’s been quite a while since I last blogged. Pop some corn, grab a beer. 🙂

Quilting & Sewing:

Since I brought my new Brother sewing machine home, I’ve putzed around with it. I’m still learning what it can and can not do, but all in all am getting the hang of it.

1930's HST baby quilt.

1930’s HST baby quilt.

Patch quilt top in the making using Nordika.  I have 1/4 of it sewn together now.

Patch quilt top in the making using Nordika. I have 1/4 of it sewn together now.

I’ve made up a few of these cute totes, modifying a free pattern.

Totes with pencil/crayon slots.

Totes with pencil/crayon slots.

Had one crafting day with friends…another one coming up. We’re gearing up for a November craft fair.

Day of crafting with friends.

Day of crafting with friends.


Made up another batch of mustard! Loving the smell and taste of this one! I used Stone Smoke Porter, yellow & brown mustard seed, apple cider vinegar, ground mustard, salt, pepper, allspice, nutmeg. I adapted two recipes I found (Homemade Beer and English Mustard)…it made up 10 4-oz jars. I plan on making a Cranberry Mustard too.

Spicy Beer Mustard

Spicy Beer Mustard

I was given a bag full of clipped lavender from my MIL’s garden earlier and dried it. Part of it is now in a big old canning jar of local Nevada honey with my own dried rosemary. I’ll be putting this into 4-oz canning jars in about two weeks after it’s been strained.

Lavender Rosemary Honey.

Lavender Rosemary Honey.

Ghost Hunting:

My sister has quite a few ghost hunting equipment and she booked the Miner’s Shack up in Gold Hill (just south of Virginia City on the Comstock). My niece, Hannah, and her friend Maddie, my sister and I all spent an afternoon in VC and the night in Gold Hill. That was fun! Definitely want to go up with them when they do the Washoe Club in VC.

Miner's Shack, Gold Hill, NV

Miner’s Shack, Gold Hill, NV


Yellow Jacket Mill

Yellow Jacket Mill

Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, Nevada

Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, Nevada

Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, Nevada

Fourth Ward School, Virginia City, Nevada

Bottle Tree.

Bottle Tree.

I know my niece, Hannah, took a bunch of photographs, but I never see them…hint, hint…if you’re reading this, Ms. Hannah.



Mackay Mansion grounds.

Mackay Mansion grounds.

Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe:

Took a Monday off so we could spend Sunday night up at Tahoe. Spent Sunday at one of the free public beaches and Monday morning we tried kayaking (waterman’s landing). So…I’m saving my money up for a sit-in kayak now. 🙂

Carnelian Bay from the Gar Woods pier.

Carnelian Bay from the Gar Woods pier.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe.

Kayaking on Lake Tahoe.



Truckee Trestle Tour:

We finally made it up to Truckee, CA for the Hobart Estates Trestle Tour! They’ll be having another one in October if you’re local! We toured the lumber railroads and mills.

Remains of a flat car near Hobart Mills.

Remains of a flat car near Hobart Mills.

Railroad maintenance shop, Hobart Mills.

Railroad maintenance shop, Hobart Mills.

Lumber railroad trestle remains.

Lumber railroad trestle remains.

More trestle remains.

More trestle remains.

Baseball Bingo:

How to have fun when your minor league team, the Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks), is losing. Sorry guys for wishing one of you got beaned by the pitcher! 🙂

Baseball bingo!

Baseball bingo!


God-Awful Rim Fire smoke from Yosemite...Reno/Sparks, we can't breathe.

God-Awful Rim Fire smoke from Yosemite…Reno/Sparks, we can’t breathe.

Scheaffer's Balance Blue fountain pen my husband found for me.

Sheaffer’s Balance Blue fountain pen my husband found for me.

Sunrise with a little bit of Rim fire smoke in air.

Sunrise with a little bit of Rim fire smoke in air.

Pond Hockey ~ Washoe Valley, Nevada

Been really busy lately and have neglected my blog…hopefully things will start to settle down in a bit.

Wanted to post some pictures of a hockey game we came across while out and about one weekend. After spending some time up in Virginia City we drove down through Carson City and then on the east side of Washoe Valley. At the north end is Little Washoe Lake…we stopped to eat our lunch and enjoy a hockey game.

The dogs were pretty funny…one was definitely the coach, barking his orders. 🙂











Holiday Craft Fair ~ Sparks Christian Fellowship ~ November 3rd, 2012

Hey all local folks!

I’ll be sharing a booth with two of my friends this Saturday, November 3rd at Sparks Christian Fellowship’s Holiday Craft Fair.

FREE ADMISSION! Last Sunday we were told there will be over 75 vendors.

9 am to 4 pm.

510 Greenbrae Drive (for all us “oldies” it’s in the old $1 Movie Theatre)
Between Pyramid and 4th Street.

I’ll be having 4 different cold processed soaps; about 6 quilts; lots of leather wrapped bracelets; hammered copper bookmarks; earrings and pendants; made some of my photographs into notecards…my friends have made lots of jewelry (silver, copper, swarovski Christmas trees and snowmen).

We’ll take your hard earned cash and credit cards! 🙂

Ferrari Farm’s Pumpkin Patch ~ Reno, NV ~ October 2012

Ferrari Farm’s pumpkin patch, corn maze, big ole pumpkin bounce house, corn stalks, and hay rides are in full-swing now! I love how they set it up this year…lots more parking and a bit more compact. They’re open on Mon-Thurs from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm; Fri-Sat from 9:30 am to 10 pm; and Sunday from 9:30 to 6 pm. 4701 Mill Street, between Rock and McCarran.

Loyalton Firemen’s Street Festival ~ 25 August 2012

On the way home from Portola’s Train Days last weekend, I saw a sign that Loyalton was going to have a Street Festival with a Show & Shine the following weekend. 🙂 I Love Sierra Valley and you have to like a festival that raises money for the Volunteer Fire Department. My husband was excited that they were having a horseshoe tourney and luck would have it another guy needed a partner, so he got to play. It was a fun day full of old cars, arts and crafts, music, monster truck rides, horseshoes, and good food.

Have lots of pictures from the day ~

Shelby Cobra Mustang

Care Flight made a grand dust storm entrance!

Plumas-Sierra Cattlewomen Quilt ~ Love it!!!

John…we were under the Horseshoe Tourney tent.

The band…before a wind gust took the canopy…and the band played on. 🙂

Is this not a cool horseshoe pit or what?!

First and Second place teams.

Monster Truck rides…ok, that was one fun ride for $5.

Kid in middle doesn’t agree with me…but his grampa had a blast.

What’s Your Favorite Handmade Soap Scent?

A couple of friends and I are busy making up things for an undetermined craft fair (later in the year)…I’m quilting, sewing, printing photographs, and will be making cold-process soap.

Put an order into Brambleberry and received my oils, butters, and lye (figured I can buy olive and sunflower oil here in town).

What’s your favorite smellies for soap?

HINT HINT…I like to make Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Peppermint, and Lavender. But was wondering what other people liked.

One Less Gift

The last few years, in November, my church hands out a flyer regarding a concept called “One Less” (last year it was Advent Conspiracy).


This year, let’s try

[Less spending.]
[More relational giving.]
[More resources to help those who need it most.]

They have four suggestions, but also encourage everyone to be as creative as one can be!

** Angel Tree for a child of a prisoner here in Nevada.
** Pick up an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.
** Help buy a clean water well with Living Water
** Give to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada

Other charities you may want to support:

Samaritan’s Purse
World Vision
Compassion International

A few of the ones I like:

Nevada Humane Society.
Veteran’s Guest House in Reno, NV.
Kids Kottage.

Gift Ideas for Relational Giving.

A fun certificate for the gift of your time:

* bring popcorn, gourmet root beer and a classic DVD for a movie night with a friend.
* host a Monday Night Football and make homemade pizzas.
* wrap two copies of a classic book to read together.
* bundle up and take a walk through the Christmas-lit streets.

Your gift of creatively serving:

* babysit for your worn-out sister-in-law.
* yard work for an elderly person.
* road trip for an out-of-town adventure with your child.
* change the oil in a neighbor’s car.
* help your friend build their shed, clean their garage or closets, etc.

A day together doing something someone else cares about:

* take a trip to the batting cages.
* go on a hike, with your camera and your photographer friend, you bring lunch.
* volunteer at their favorite charity.

A gift you made with your kids:

* simple scrapbook of time you’ve spent with the person you’re giving it to.
* photo album of your kids for a far-away family member.
* home-published story, written and illustrated by your kids. The time spent creating it is priceless to the recipient as well as the kids.

Ask “What do they like to do?” and make time to do it with them.