For Today ~ 20 August 2012 ~ A Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 20 August 2012.

Outside My Window…

Reno, Nevada sunrise ~ 20 August 2012

I am thinking… It sure would be nice if autumn would come sooner than later. I’m really tired of the heat and wildfire smoke here in town.

The red maple out front is starting to turn colors.

I am thankful for… Friends. Love them to pieces.

From the kitchen… Pork chops and rice for dinner tonight. One of my favorite dishes that my Great Aunt Hazel would fix my sister and I when we visited.

I am wearing… cropped olive green/tan pants, olive green shirt, and sketchers sandals.

I am creating… I’m multi-tasking at the moment. Just finished another wire-wrapped pendant yesterday. Am still hand-piecing a Farmer’s Wife quilt block.

Wire-wrapped piece of petrified wood.

First pendant…with the copper “antiqued”

I am going… have to start looking for craft fairs coming up! Ruth, Reva and I have been making stuff all year long. I found one in Portola, this October, for $25/table. Need to find some in town.

I am reading… Finished all three stories in Mary Downing Hahn’s Haunting Tales, will have to just close my eyes and pick another book on my nook.

I am hoping… That I my copper wire wrapping becomes better as I really would like to use the silver wire! LOL!

I am hearing… a small plane overhead; traffic on McCarran; me.

Around the house… Laundry.

One of my favorite things… creating with my hands.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Try out a few new dinner recipes; buy a good pair of flat-nosed pliers for jewelry making; finish up a few leather wrapped bracelets.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… (LOL! I’ve been sharing pics like crazy up above, but will find another)

Spent wildflowers outside of Portola, CA.

Show and Tell ~ My First Wire Wrapped Class

Ok…after seeing the pictures up-close, I see some adjustments needed and a few mistakes I made…but all in all, I like it. 🙂

Classes at Mill Street Beads & Rocks, here in Reno, are only $25 AND all the tools and supplies are included. Unfortunetly, they are retiring and closing up shop soon. Anyhoo…there were four stone beads to choose from, I picked a pretty olive green one since we were using copper wire.

Fun! Fun! Fun! I bought a few packets of copper square and half-round 21 gauge to play with it some more.

I’ll be using some liver of sulphur on this pendant to antique the copper…it’s way too bright for me. 🙂

I need to scoochie the wraps closer together and get rid of the black mark.

The front.

The back of the piece.

Here is a piece of petrified wood I’m going to try next! I just don’t know which side to make the front. What do you think? I bought this for $3 up in Chilcoot, CA on our way to Portola after class…it was Train Days (will post pics on Monday).

Which side should be the front?!

Cast Iron Columns at Virginia City, NV ~ 28 Jan 2012

Well, actually they are the tops of the cast iron columns that are throughout Virginia City. Not exactly sure what you would call them. I’ve always loved them…

Western Pacific Railroad Museum ~ from a different view

We go up to Portola, CA to visit the WPRM quite a lot. Usually I post pictures of the whole engine or car, this time I figured I’d take a different view.

All taken yesterday, 3 April 2011:

Thursday’s Rambles…12 November 2009

Geez, it’s been a long time in between posts!

I’ve been busy here at work ~ I just moved our office to another building…then in about 6-7 months we will be moving again. Yee Haw!

At home I was making soy candles, earrings, and market totes for a small craft fair.

Spent Veteran’s Day up in Virginia City to watch the parade. Lots of people up there thanking our Veteran’s and current servicemen and women.

Have tomorrow off to go up to a cabin in the Sierra with my mom and sister for the weekend. Will be nice to get away for a couple of days. Should be some snow up there…it’s raining down here.

Just a small sampling of some of the earrings I made…next week I’ll get them up on etsy and maybe feebay.


Crazy Quilt Blocks & Railroad Finds

Last Saturday the weather was pretty nice (unlike yesterday) so we packed up the cooler and headed north towards Pyramid Lake.

I dropped off my husband at the southern junction of old Western Pacific RR (now the UPRR) tracks and the Smoke Creek Desert…he rode his bike towards Wendell and I followed along the rr/pole-line road in the truck.

I stopped for lots of pictures ~

At one of the sitings we found a lot of rail that was thrown over on the south side of the tracks…looked like they were working a while there. We decided to take the smaller of the track…a bit over 2′ long…let’s just say that we both have bruised legs and one sore foot. It’s hard to carry up and over the tracks, had to have been over 100 pounds.

It’s now sitting in our front yard, along with a railroad tie we found in another ditch.

I found a wooden piece that used to be on the poles that held insulators ~


Here are the four of the ten crazy quilt blocks that I’ve added fancy stitching and embroidered flowers to. Hopefully I’ll get these all done in time to put the quilt together.

We decided on 12″ blocks ~ but I made mine 13″ so I can square off to size. That is why the ribbon on the one block doesn’t go all the way across the fabric.

Tax Return Buys

My husband and I received our tax return a couple of weeks ago…and after paying all of our bills (he’s unemployed, so it’s been paycheck to paycheck lately) and putting some into the savings account, I decided we could each buy something. Last weekend after church we headed to one of the local antique malls and we both found something…actually, I found two somethings! LOL!

On Monday my husband went back and negotiated lower prices and bought himself a funny cast iron bottle opener (ummm…let’s just say he named “her” Pamela ~ just picture Ralphie stroking his dad’s Leg Lamp…only Pamela is from head to 5″ stilettos!). And one of my two picks ~ which I will show a picture of!

A hand-made wooden cupboard with hand-forged hinges.

And then yesterday, while carrying in some groceries, I saw my second pick sitting in the sunroom! I skipped up the walk-way! A wooden table with an enamel metal top! He went back and got me the table!!! The paint isn’t my favorite…but it does match the tile in the kitchen…also not my favorite…but when it warms up a bit I’m going to buy some sage green paint.

Here’s my new table ~

As you can see…it matches the tile in my wee kitchen. Don’t mind the dirty dishes.

Perpetual Plum ~ My Friend, The Artist

I’ve had the immense pleasure of knowing Sue, Perpetual Plum, on-line for many years ~ and a greater pleasure of meeting her and her lovely family for a day when they passed through Nevada on vacation.

She is an artist that recycles and repurposes items into beautiful artwork.

I’m just all ah’giddy as I received a package from her out of the blue yesterday! Inside was a grouping of Christmas Ornaments that she has been making. I absoultely love the red mica trees and the wire wrapped light bulbs…the altered domino is beautiful too.

If you are looking for the PERFECT recycled art Gift ~ then go visit Sue at her ETSY SHOP ~ Unique Re-tiques ~ Recycled Art, Art and Craft Supplies for the Recycled Artist, Crafter and Art Lover. HURRY! Go SHOPPING!

Here are some of her gifts on my Feather Tree here at work…

Cast Iron Reflector Swinging Arm Wall Bracket for Kerosene Oil Lamp

Over the weekend my mom gave me Great Grandma Chambers’ cast iron wall bracket and kerosene lamp. I remember it on the wall in our house in Southern California when I was a kid…it was in the Chambers’ homestead in Lynch, Nebraska long before that. I didn’t take a picture of the lamp itself, but it’s clear glass with the original brass hardware. Now I have to figure out where in my house to hang this lovely…I’m thinking in the kitchen or front sunroom.

I found the site Antique Lamp Supply and figured out what that hole on the top part of the arm (see second picture, above) was for ~ to hold a Mercury Reflector. And…except for the bowl part, my arm is just like their #73801. My mom said she doesn’t remember ever seeing a reflector attached to this lamp, so if it had one it was before 1940’s. I would need to buy the mercury reflector & attachment, and reflector nut if I want it to be in original condition.