Thursdays Rambles ~ 09 September 2010

First off…got out of the car at work this morning and looked up to the mountains.

Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain had a dusting of snow last night! 🙂

I went to bed last night (after a heart-wrenching lost for Zito…he really did pitch a good game last night!) feeling like it was closer to Halloween than it is. It was cold and breezy…loved it!


FOOTBALL starts tonight! Vikings and Saints! And…ah…GOOD LUCK to my BILLS this year!


In the midst of September baseball…Giants have been chasing San Diego and the Phillies (now it’s the Braves, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Hopefully we can knock the Padres out of first and then not worry about chasing the Braves/Phillies anymore.


The Great Reno Balloon Race starts tomorrow! Lots of pretty balloons will be filling our skies in the mornings.

photo by Marilyn Newton, RGJ

What: 2010 Great Reno Balloon Race
When: Sept. 10-12
Where: Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, 1595 N. Sierra St.
Cost: Free admission


It’s APPLE HILL time, once again! Probably will head up at the end of September or maybe early October!


Nevada Humane Society volunteer orientation is coming up! If I can’t take another kitty home with me, I might as well love on them there.

Wish List

Listed here are items you can donate to help us better accomplish our no-kill goals.

Small Cat Carriers
Dog Houses
Laptop Computer
3/4-1 ton pickup truck (4×4. A/C, V8, low miles)
Canned kitten, puppy, cat or dog food
Dry kitten, puppy, cat or dog food
Squeeze Cheese
Peanut Butter
Dog & cat toys
Metal dog dishes
Leashes, collars, & harnesses of all sizes
Cat beds
Towels and blankets
Laundry soap (liquid & powder)
Hand sanitizer
Copy paper
Small (6″) paper bowls or plates
Paper Cups
Kleenex tissues
Paper towels
13-gal. trash bags


Just put in an order for cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, palm oil, and coconut oil! I’ve had many requests for my handmade soap…people must be gearing up for Christmas!

I have lots of earrings I made too…should anyone need to buy some small Christmas gifts! Hint Hint Hint.


I had to order Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid from Amazon. Sundance Books, here in Reno, tried to order it for me, but said it’s out of print and can’t get it for me. 😦 Haven, one of my favorite tv shows on SyFy, is loosely based on it. I want to know how it’s tied into the book…should be here by tomorrow.


Working on a Crafters Challenge…colors this time around are olive green, rust, brown and one of color I can pick myself. I’m doing a quilt again…I have the top finished. Using flannel material that I had in my stash.


Thursday’s Ramblings ~ 26 August 2010

I am so ready for Fall…and it looks like we will be getting a tease of it this weekend! Chris Larson on KOLO has this to say in his forecast:

Thursday will be the last hot day… as temperatures plummet into the weekend. A strong area of low pressure and a potent cold front move in Saturday and Sunday. This will bring much cooler temps… with highs only in the upper sixties for Sunday afternoon.

Then the stupid heat comes back next week. Big Sigh.


I tried a new recipe last night for dinner. Didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to be, but it was quite wonderful!

Quinoa Falafels with Tahini Sauce from Sprouted Kitchen. It was suggest by Blaze.

I followed the recipe…used some of my fresh Italian Parsley and Greek Oregano, a bit less Corriander and more of the Cumin (me LUVS cumin!)…oh yeah…two more garlic cloves. 🙂 For the sauce I used fat-free Greek yogurt and added about 1/2 cup of chives (I made a double batch of the sauce).

So…dinner was supposed to be Falafels with Tahini sauce, chicken breast, and a salad of cucumber & tomato & green onions. But…the falafels ended up looking like fried rice instead!

VERY TASTY! Loved it! Lunch is all of it wrapped up in some flat bread.

By the way…the wine was Deep Purple (bottle artwork was very cool and on sale)…I wouldn’t buy it again. Ugh the headache this morning! And I only had two glasses!


On Sunday I went over to my mom’s house as she picked up some fresh peaches from Apple Hill (Placerville, CA area). So I took my canning equipment over there and canned some peaches for her…and made peach jam!

I took 3 jars of jam for payment…already ate one. It’s really good, especially with the 3 glugs of rum that I added to it. 🙂


I have been seeing more Canada Geese flying around town in the mornings! Fall is coming!


Until last night (which was bloody hot!) I was pulling up the quilt from the bottom of the bed halfway through the night. FALL IS COMING!




We are counting down to the Tent Sale!
This Saturday, August 28th we are cleaning out the closets!
You’ll find lots of discounts on
kits, fabrics, sample quilts, and a whole lot more!
The sale starts at 8:00 a.m. and goes until 5:30 p.m.
We’re only accepting cash payments outside, but you can use cards and checks inside the store! There will be more sales and discounts going on inside as well as outside.


Nevada is screwed no matter which way we vote in both the gubernatorial and US senate race. Big sigh.


I absolutely LOVE the SyFy show Haven ( based on the Stephen King novella, The Colorado Kid). Have you watched it yet? Friday nights after Eureka…another of my favorite shows.


Charles Addams. I LOVE his drawings. I LOVE his sense of humor. I LOVE THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

My two new books that came in the mail last week!

The Addams Family: An Evilution

Charles Addams Happily Ever After: A Collection of Cartoons to Chill the Heart of Your Loved One

Next on my wishlist: Addams Family Half Baked Cookbook

All to add to my original hardback that I had Addams & Evil

Craft in America ~ PBS

On Wednesday nights I usually watch Ghost Hunters but for some reason I clicked on PBS instead…am very glad I did!

CRAFT IN AMERICA ~ a journey to the artists, origins and techniques of American craft.

We have a deep sense of longing for the handmade. Perhaps because each of us, in our own way, has had a craft experience. Sometimes it’s an object passed down to us, or one that crosses our path, and connects us to others in traditions, heritage, and rituals.

Craft gives pleasure as well as function. It is inspirational as well as useful. It is the best representation of who we are as a culture. Craft is democratic. It is broad enough to accommodate anyone who makes something or appreciates the handmade. Craft is all around us. You’ll find it wherever you look – hiding in plain sight.

Craft in America offers you a place to explore these connections and to inspire your own creativity – through the PBS documentary series and this website. Join us on this voyage of discovery.

Last night my local PBS channel, KNPB, was showing Episode IV: Origins ~ “Craft traditions didn’t just appear, fully-formed and mature. Artists tie their work to early techniques and pass these practices on in a continuum of creativity”.

They showcased the following:

Jugtown Pottery in Seagrove, NC. The history of Jugtown and followed the main potters there now, Vernon & Pam Owens and their son Travis Owens.

Philip Simmons ~ a renowned blacksmith in Charleston, SC. Very fascinating! I love the iron work.

Teri Greeves ~ a beadwork artist, who is half Kiowa, and lives in Santa Fe, NM. I loved her story.

Jim Bassler ~ a weaver inspired by ethnic textiles, especially Central and South American.

Paul J. Stankard ~ a glass artist from Mantua, NJ. Using European lampwork techniques to form botanical paperweights. He even adds root systems to his flowers.