7 thoughts on “My ETSY Shop

  1. Hi from a fellow “Sparks-ite” if there is such a word. I started strolling through blogger to see who else from Sparks uses it and not only did I find you, but found that you are also a fellow Etsian!!! I run Granny’s Craft Attic…I hope we can be friends…

  2. I just found your blog and will check back occasionally to see what you are adding to your Etsy Shop. I’m also a crafter. My husband and I just started a hobby farm this summer. It’s very small but will evolve into something bigger and better during the next few years. Love your blog!

    • Hello and Thank you!

      Iā€™ll have to check out your blog. Congrats on the hobby farm, I wish I still had an area to do that. My etsy shop has been sporadic to say the least! But the holidays are coming up and I should be able to get items into the store.

  3. Hello , I am from reno also and have been looking for fellow quilters. I also have an etsy shop…I run FabricHart. I am pinotprincess on flickr.com. I love your ds quilt.

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