Wordless Wednesday ~ 8 April 2015


Pyramid Lake ~ The Pyramid, Anaho Island, and a Pelican

When visiting Pyramid Lake we usually don’t get any further south than Wino Beach, but after heading north a bit I decided on going south through Nixon so we could check out the new park we spotted in Lockwood.

So I did a few u-turns along the Sutcliffe/Nixon road (west side of lake)…one u-turn was when I spied (new to me) a binocular station at the south end of the lake right at Popcorn Rock.

(Pyramid dead center with Anaho Island behind the pelican)

It was a viewing area for the American White Pelicans, or Panosa in Paiute. 🙂 One of my “favoritist” birds, ever. Anaho Island, at Pyramid Lake, has been the the largest nesting colony, of the American White Pelican, in the western United States for centuries. After wintering in Southern California and Mexico they head back up in early March.

Guess who was early! Sorry…but he was way on the other side of the lake, that is the best shot I could get.

Following are a few photos of the Pyramid and Anaho Island.

Anaho Island is to the far right, with the pyramid center right.

Anaho Island to the right with the pyramid to the left.

Tomorrow I’ll post some tufa pictures and an the old train route from Wendell, California to Wadsworth, NV.