Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt ~ one more block finished

After the paper-piecing fiasco with block 1, Attic Windows, I decided to hand-piece the rest of the 111 blocks.

(fabrics ~ Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley)

So fare I’ve pieced #2, Autumn Tints.

And #54, Kitchen Woodbox.

#26 Cut Glass Dish and #24 Country Path are all cut out ready for me to piece.

Start of The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

A week or so ago I posted a Wordless Wednesday photograph of the fabrics I decided to use for The Farmer’s Wife quilt…

Farmer's Wife ~ Denyse Schmidt's HOPE VALLEY

I’m using a FQ bundle of Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley that I bought from Hawthorne Threads…love that fabric. Love Hawthorne Threads too! Super nice and fastest shipping, ever!

I’ve been putting off the start of making this quilt. Why? I have no clue, just have. Over the holiday I pulled out the paper-piece patterns I had printed off a few months prior and jumped in. I needed a break from quilting and binding.

I follow the pattern, get all the paper torn off, press the block…WTF?! Stupid pattern! It’s backwards! So I threw a hissy fit…put the book back, tucked my pretty fabric back into my stash and returned to quilting and binding.

Book block.

My bass-ackward block.

Speed up to yesterday…So April? You’re hand-piecing your blocks now, right? “Yes”. Hmmmmmm….

Here’s what I got done while on break today. I need to bring in my folding cutting mat/ironing board and that mini clover iron. 🙂

FW Block 2 - Autumn Tints

This quilt will be hand-pieced now. 🙂